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The authors of the St. Petersburg graffiti “You are just cosmos, Stas” replaced it with a new drawing

Portrait of Cherchesov updated after the attack of the vandals.

The authors of the St. Petersburg graffiti “You are just cosmos, Stas”, dedicated to the coach of the Russian national football team Stanislav Cherchesov, updated the drawing. According to the edition of, on July 9, the wall painting was painted over, and on July 10 a new portrait from the HoodGraf team appeared on its place.

New graffiti. Photos of
Old graffiti. Photo of tatiana_lushik

The basis for the new graffiti was the gesture of Cherchesov, who gave the honor to the attacking Russian national team Artem Dzyube in a match with Saudi Arabia.

A frame from the air of the “First Channel”

July 6, it became known that the St. Petersburg officials demanded to paint over graffiti with the image of Cherchesov. Their decision was allegedly based on the statement of one of the residents of the Petrogradsky district of St. Petersburg, who became “ashamed of local street art.” Later, the drawing in the Pushkarskiy Garden, which became a tourist attraction, was allowed to remain until November.

On July 8, the unknown people corrected the graffiti depicting Cherchesov, “cutting off” his finger. Presumably, fans of the Zenit football club did it. According to the“Fontanka”, they did it because of the similarity of the painted gesture with the gesture of the fans of the Polish football club “Legia” (fingers in the form of the Latin letter “L”). It was this team that in 2015-2016 trained Cherchesov.

“One city – one team!” – shouted the unknown, and the index finger Cherchesova disappeared under a layer of black paint.

extract from the “Fontanka” material
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