Study: Possession of iPhones is the main sign of high incomes

But by itself, buying a smartphone will not make a person rich.

Scientists from the National Bureau of Economic Research in the US analyzed thedifferences between different social groups in America and found a link between high incomes and smartphones from Apple. It turned out that owning an iPhone is the most reliable sign that a person earns well.

In their work, economists Marianne Bertrand and Emir Kamenika found that no single brand did not point to high incomes as accurately as the iPhone. According to scientists, in 69.1% of cases the owners of iPhones turned out to be people with good earnings.

Thus, researchers came to the conclusion that the smartphone from Apple was the main sign of high income. To this category, scientists attributed those who earn a quarter more than other people of the same type of household (singles, with his wife, with children, etc.).

Owners of the iPad also became a reliable indicator of high incomes according to scientists. Among them, the chance to find wealthy people is only slightly lower – 66.9%.

Among Android owners, people with high incomes are found in 59.5% of cases. Also a reliable marker of “security” was the use of Verizon communication.

Scientists managed to analyze the data only in the period until 2016. As noted by thepublication Gizmodo, by 2018 the situation could already change. Apple began to produce more expensive devices and at the same time continued to support old smartphones, reducing their price.

Researchers also analyzed data on products and brands indicating high income for 1992 and 2004. In 1992, the main indicator of welfare was the possession of a dishwasher, and in 2004 – the purchase of a new car.

From the study Mediamark Research Intelligence
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