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Samsung launches the “largest in the world” factory for the production of mobile phones

Samsung has announced the launch in India of the world’s largest mobile phone production. The factory is located in the satellite city of Delhi and is capable of producing up to 120 million smartphones a year, reports The Verge. There will be produced both cheap devices up to $ 100, and flagship models of the Galaxy S9 level, explained in Samsung.

India is considered one of the largest cellular communications markets in the world, now there are more than 400 million subscribers. However, many more people remain unreached, as the total population exceeds 1.3 billion people.

According to the IDC report, in 2017, 124 million smartphones were sold in India. It is noted that not so long ago Samsung lost to Xiaomi in the local market, having lost the title of the largest vendor of mobile devices.

One of the reasons for the opening of large-scale production in India is the authorities’ desire to produce as much goods as possible on the territory of the country and to fight against imports. Therefore, for example, when you import communication equipment you will have to pay an additional 20%. Local production partially solves the problem of importers. Therefore, even Apple has established here the release of some models of the iPhone.

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