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Resellers began to sell “Yandeks.Stantsiyu” to “Avito” and “Yule”

In some cases, the cost exceeds the original by about 20 thousand rubles

July 10 at the Yandex store at 10:00 the official sale of Yandex.Stants began. The company organized the sale at one point, and until it opened the possibility of pre-order, which caused the store to accumulate a long queue .

The cost of “Yandeks.Stantsii” in the official store is 9990 rubles.

However, resellers began offering to purchase the device on Avito, inflating the price several times – from 12 to 30 thousand rubles. At the time of publication of the note, some ads “hanging” on the site for about an hour, others appeared in about 15 minutes.

contacted the seller who offers to buy a column for 29900 rubles. The man explained the overestimated price to the fact that he became the third buyer of the device. The fact that the column is “exclusive” and purchased by the “third in the world”, he also indicated in the description of the product. He added that the interest in “Yandeks.Stantsii” is preserved even with such a margin.

Also, Yandex.Station began reselling on the site ads Yulia. The mark-up, as well as on Avito, can reach 100% or more.

In “Yandex” told that they imposed a limit on the purchase of two pieces in one hand. “Each customer can dispose of their gadgets after the purchase as they see fit,” added the company.

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