Rescuers of Thailand refused to use the submarine Musk for saving children from the cave

The head of the rescue operation considered the invention impractical in this situation.

The head of the rescue operations coordination center Narongsak Osatanakorn said that teenagers stuck in a half-flooded Thai cave are inadvisable to save with a micro-submarine provided by Elon Musk. This was reported by The Guardian.

Elon Musk personally came to Thailand and descended into one of the flooded caves along with rescuers. He brought with him a small submarine from the parts of the Falcon rocket, which was built in SpaceX to save Thai students.

On June 23 in Thailand, a group consisting of a school football team and their coach disappeared. The teenagers went into the cave, but a sudden downpour flooded the entrances and they were trapped. After 9 days the group was found alive, but more than a week the schoolchildren lived without food.

At first, the Thai authorities considered the option of transferring supplies to adolescents for four months before the end of the rainy season, because many of them could not swim and no one could sink.

On July 6, Elon Musk offered his help in saving schoolchildren . He sent the engineers of The Boring Company and SpaceX to Thailand to find out if they can be of use. Later, the businessman said that SpaceX specialists will build a small submarine: one child will be accommodated there, two divers can carry it. He said that the option with a submarine is being developed as the main one.

A few hours after the statement, the Musk of Thai authorities began saving children without his help. The schoolchildren were given an express course of diving, each of them was accompanied by two divers. For two days it was possible to rescue eight people, including the 25-year-old coach.

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