PR-contractor Xiaomi has prepared for employees the rules of communication with journalists. And accidentally distributed them to reporters

The memo asked to answer questions evasively, not to disclose personal data and call the leadership an example to follow.

IPO ceremony Xiaomi. Reuters photo

July 9, the Chinese company Xiaomi held a ceremony dedicated to the entrance to the Hong Kong stock exchange. Specially for the event, the agency, hired by Xiaomi, prepared for the invited employees a memo with recommendations on communication with the media. However, some copies of the instructions were handed out by mistake to the journalists themselves.

Photo memo was published by reporter of the Reuters news agency Sijia Jing (Sijia Jiang), who attended the ceremony. She noted that the copies were left at the registration desk, but some media representatives were given recommendations, because they were mistaken for managers of Xiaomi. Jing added that she did not get the document: “I guess I’m too much like a poor reporter.”

“Xiaomi prepared a cheat sheet for employees about how not to answer questions from the media at the ceremony. And they accidentally distributed these cribs of the media. Oops »

The staff of the portal Capital Watch translated the memo from the Chinese and found out that the recommendation included several options for answering questions about the company’s IPO, as well as the attitude towards Xiaomi and top managers. At other points, workers are asked to “remain calm, do not give direct answers and not give out information about themselves or the company, because the media can harm your lives or lead to trouble for your families.”

According to Capital Watch, PR-department Xiaomi advises basically to praise the leadership.

  • “I work in Xiaomi, and I was called to the IPO ceremony. We are all proud of what the company has achieved in eight years. I am happy to personally see this moment “;
  • “Today is a historic moment, and it motivates me to work even harder”;
  • “Our head Lei Jun is a visionary, hardworking, but at the same time down-to-earth”;
  • “I learned a lot from the leadership, these people are my role models.”


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