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Media: new graphics cards from AMD will not be until February 2019

The entire game world looks with hope on red and green, which it’s time to introduce a new generation of video cards. And if NVIDIA, most likely, will move this year, then the cards from AMD can not be seen before February 2019. This is reported by profile media with reference to the plans of ASRock.

At the event in Japan, she demonstrated slides with a strategy of work until February 2019. ASRock plans to release several modifications of the Radeon RX 570 and RX 580 with the updated cooling system. No new Vega in the portfolio of the company will not appear, as the work was not outlined and on some secret video cards.

Naturally, ASRock, most likely, would not open before the public the release of video cards of a new generation before the announcement from AMD. On the other hand, vendors need enough time to implement new video cards, and therefore the release of a new generation until February they will not be handy.

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