In the new defense, Apple has already found a vulnerability

Apple has released an update to iOS version 11.4.1. One of the main innovations is the appearance of USB Restricted Mode protection. This system was supposed to make useless expensive ($ 15-30 thousand!) Box for hacking the iPhone. But it turned out that technology has a serious flaw.

Apple’s idea was this: if the smartphone is locked for more than one hour, then connecting to it Lightning will not charge the device, but will not open access to any software manipulation. This was to exclude the work of an iPhone cracker. A complete list of accessories that bypass protection is still unknown – specialists from ElcomSoft who have discovered the problem are now testing the system for strength.

But it turned out that the device, which is in the lock mode is less than 60 minutes, it is enough to connect the Lightning-wire – and the protective timer will stop. This only works if the unit has not yet been activated, that is, less than an hour has elapsed since the last time the smartphone was used by the owner.

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