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In Saudi Arabia, women were allowed to work as notaries

Women who have received the document hope that they will become more.

The Ministry of Justice of Saudi Arabia has issued 12 women permission to work as a notary. One of the women who received permission said that she was ready to show “hard work and involvement in the work.” She also expressed the hope that more women would join the profession.

The ministry noted that notaries will be able to certify documents for the organization of companies, transfer of property rights, as well as issue and revoke the power of attorneys. There are more than 13 thousand private notaries in the country, however, the Ministry of Justice plans to issue licenses and study the quality of services provided.

On June 24, according to the King’s decree in Saudi Arabia, the ban on driving for women was completely lifted . The country remained the last in the world, where girls were threatened with penalties and fines for being behind the wheel.

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