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In Russia, approved the preliminary GOST for mobile applications

Rosstandart has prepared a list of 87 requirements for mobile applications, adhering to which, they will meet the quality standard. The list is recommendatory in nature and so far it is a preliminary GOST. Publish it wants to October 1, 2018, 

To comply with the state quality standard, the application must:

  • store personal information of users in Russia;
  • show a clearly interpreted privacy policy;
  • to offer a free trial period for acquaintance “regardless of the business model”;
  • do not have critical vulnerabilities;
  • update at least once a year;
  • be unobtrusive.

Much attention is paid to accessing user data. In the opinion of the compilers of GOST, the user should be able to know whether information about him is used for advertising, the ability to manage data collection and refuse to transfer personal information. In addition, developers will recommend asking for an “absolute minimum” of access permissions to the data and explaining why they are needed.

The status of the “preliminary national standard” will allow its developers to use not only from Russia, but also from the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union – Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

The Federal Agency for Technical Regulation (Rosstandart) for the first time approved the preliminary quality standard for mobile applications – a list of 87 criteria for performance, functionality and security. This was reported by the publication Kommersant.

Recommendations that are not strict requirements include:

  • compulsory free trial period;
  • absence of critical vulnerabilities;
  • mandatory updates at least once a year;
  • the possibility of rapid communication with developers;
  • unambiguously interpreted privacy policy;
  • minimum use of user data;
  • clarification of the need to use this data;
  • storage of user data in Russia.

The need for the emergence of such a national standard experts associated with the fact that previously Russian companies did not use the standards of the state, and the standards of corporations – “in particular Google and Apple.”

The new standard will come into force on October 1 and will have a preliminary status within three years. After that, he will receive the marking “GOST R” and will become perpetual. Throughout this time, developers and organizations can use it not only from Russia, but also from other countries of the EAEC.

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