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From the crypto-exchanger Bancor kidnapped $ 13.5 million

Hackers attacked the crypto-currency platform Bancor. According to some reports, they managed to withdraw about $ 13.5 million in tokens. The company began an investigation and assures that the user’s wallets were not harmed.

The attack happened last night. Almost 24,984 ETH units (approximately $ 12.5 million) and 229.35 million tokens NPXS (about a million dollars) passed under the control of the attackers. At the same time, the administration of Bancor managed to prevent the loss of 3.2 million BNT – otherwise the damage would be $ 10 million more.

Bancor plans to resume operations within 24 hours. The exchange rate of the domestic currency BNT against the background of these events collapsed by almost 15%.

Last year, Bancor raised $ 153 million in the ICO.

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