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From a flooded cave in Thailand, they saved all the children and the coach. Without the help of Elon Musk

The group spent more than two weeks underground.

From the flooded seven-kilometer cave Tham Luang in the north of Thailand raised to the surface of the last two people – a schoolboy and a football coach, Reuterscorrespondent reported and confirmed by local authorities. Thus rescuers successfully evacuated the entire group of 13 people who spent more than two weeks in the caves.

The third and last phase of the rescue operation, lasted from the morning of July 10. During this time five people were evacuated from the cave, although up to four children could be reached within a day before that.

On June 23, the school football team entered the Tham Luang cave and could not get out because of the flood. British divers found them only nine days later: all this time the group was left without food. It was impossible to pull people out immediately because of the difficult route and the inability of the group members to swim under water. One of the participants of the rescue operation was killed.

July 5, children volunteered to help Elon Musk, whose company SpaceX has designed a single-seater submarine from the shell of the Falcon missile. The entrepreneur tested the capsule, brought her to the cave and went down to the rescuers. However, the coordinating center stated that it is not advisable for teenagers to save with the help of the micro-submarine Musk and began to pull children out on their own.

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