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“Die Hard” and lawsuits: how the “Glock” was conquered by the United States

Are you going to prove that your gun is the best in the world? It’s time for strip clubs and Bruce Willis! Even if the police, who purchase these weapons, will accidentally shoot themselves in the loins, it will not be your fault. The more hype, the higher the popularity. That’s what the company  Glock” and made its way into the hearts of Americans.

Strip clubs, Bruce Willis and the police

We have already written how a little-known manufacturer of shovels and plastic utensils for showers suddenly became a manufacturer of pistols. This, of course, about the company  Glock”, which surely is a leader not only in his home country, Austria, but also in the largest arms market – the US.

It is estimated that at least 60 per cent of all employees policing service in the US armed namely pistols company  Glock”. Such success does not come just like that. Let’s try to raise a little cover over the success story of the Austrians in America.

The arrival of pistols  Glock” in the United States took place at about 1988. The Austrians were late for the main pistol event of the decade – the American contest XM9 for a new army pistol, which the Italians successfully won. It was necessary to go to other  delicious” markets, in the first place – the market of police weapons. The benefit of the police in the US is large and most of the departments are very independent in the selection and procurement of weapons and equipment for employees.

Marketers and sales specialists hired by the American branch of the Austrian company turned out to be grasping, without jokes. They launched an offensive on all fronts: in addition to aggressive advertising, praising simplicity, small weight and large capacity of the store, sellers offered police departments considerable discounts, minimizing their short-term profits and thereby investing in future sales.

At the same time, marketers borrowed a trade-in scheme from car sellers when they started taking part of the cost of a new police weapon as part of the old service pistols … The latter were then resold in the civilian market.

In the case were more interesting methods of sales: for example, the organization of business meetings with the chiefs of police departments in one of the most famous strip clubs in the city of Atlanta.

Do not forget about the media: what was the cost of a lecture read by the hero of Bruce Willis from the big screen in the movie  Strong Nut 2″:  German porcelain pistol Glock 7, not detectable by detectors . 

It does not matter that the screen sounded stupid: the main thing, millions found out that there is such a super-pistol.

All of these practices in the background really significant advantages gun did their job – the account sold in the US , “ Glock” has long passed for a quarter of a million units per year. That is, over the past 30 years, millions of guns of this brand have been sold in the US … for amounts that are confidently approaching a billion evergreens. Impressive, is not it?

But, as you know, a large ship – a large torpedo, and big money – a big scandal.

Intrigues, scandals, investigations

The first scandals around  Glock” began not with money, but with holed asses and sirloin sections of police officers. The fault was, of course, precisely the pistol, because it did not have external safety devices, and for the shot a relatively small effort was required on the descent.

Well, who admits that he himself is a fool – if, removing the pistol in his holster, he forgot to remove his finger from the descent ?!

And then – the women! And a hole in your own body.

Especially those famous New York cops, which led to the creation of  New York descent” for pistols  Glock”. He had more rigid springs, which required a lot of effort in the shot.

But these are trifles. At 2000, the company « Glock» a group of hired private detectives to investigate the corruption schemes, and an attempt on the murder of the founder of the company, Gaston Glock, – in order to cover the fraud. When the detectives dug up facts that pointed directly to the company’s management as a source of corruption, cuts, kickbacks and tax evasion, they themselves came under the distribution and lawsuit.

Judicial litigation lasted from 2009 to 2016. Some of the charges were proved in court, and a number of large distributors of the company were put behind bars on the case of  kickbacks”.

The management received bribes for allowing the distributor to buy weapons at a special understated rate  only for the police”, and resell ordinary citizens already at retail prices, resulting in non-commercial profits.

Nothing personal, just business.

Sometimes, however, and vice versa. In 1994 the company  Glock” filed a lawsuit against the legendary American producer of weapons,  Smith & Wesson”, for patent infringement. The new, just appeared on the market pistol  Sigma” was so good clone  Glock”, that they even a number of parts was interchangeable. Before the trial is not reached: the company came to the pre-trial agreement, which resulted in the  Smith & Wesson” Austrians have paid tens of millions of compensation. Gun  Sigma” is, of course, did not help; but we will not be distracted.

Glock 22 and Smith & Wesson ” Sigma”

The most recent lawsuit related to the brand , “ Glock”, dates back to 2017 year, when the company tried to challenge the results of the competition for a new gun for the US Army – Modular Handgun System. However, the complaint was rejected by the Austrians. They not only fulfilled the requirements of the competition not completely, providing only one configuration of the gun instead of the required two ( full-size and compact); but also put the price for the entire contract a hundred million higher than the winning  Zig-Sauer”.

All this history and the hype does not interfere with pistols  Glock” to be a pretty good weapon, which enjoys enduring popularity around the world. And let the army of the empire of good bring freedom and democracy around the world not  globes” – but for the Americans themselves you can be calm.


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