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Belarusian startup Wandle on smart notification modes went to the main ProductHunt

The startup of the Belarusian development Wandle  recently reached the release, and today – to the main page of ProductHunt . We wrote about the project in the previous winter: then the developers had only a prototype and big plans.

The Wandle application automates the switching between different notification modes – with or without sound. According to the developers, the idea arose when going to the cinemas: the viewers constantly called the phones, and they thought that the transition to the vibro should be made independent of the person.

The action was tied to the geolocation and activity of the user. For example, if a person enters the business center, the smartphone will switch to silent mode, and when it returns to the street – the sound notification will return. Also there is synchronization with the calendar: Wandle deactivates notifications for the time when you have scheduled, for example, a meeting.

The app is only available for Android.

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