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Australian firefighter from the first person removed fire extinguishing in an abandoned house

Rescuers took about 40 minutes to take the flame under control

Australian firefighter Stuart Smith with the help of GoPro removed fire extinguishing inside a large abandoned house in the west of Sydney. The fire started at about one in the morning, and 35 people from the adjacent apartment building were evacuated, as rescuers had fears that the fire could spread.

The minute clip shows how the two firefighters interact with each other inside the burning house. Rescuers spray the flames with jets of water, but the fire flares up again. Then one of the firefighters screams at his colleague, that he “approached” the fire.

The firemen took about 40 minutes to cope with the fire. It is reported that during the fire no one was hurt, but the property was completely destroyed. The Sydney police said that the fire was “suspicious,” and the case is under investigation.

It seems that this is an abandoned house, so police and fire brigades will investigate the actual cause of the fire.

Graeme Moore (Graeme Moore)
fire inspector
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