Why iOS 12 became the most secure operating system for Apple. All Chips

For more than a month, Apple is actively testing a new version of the mobile operating system iOS 12. Its release is scheduled for September, along with the announcement of new iPhones.

In iOS 12, there are a lot of new chips and innovations , but most of all Apple paid attention to security.

Let’s figure out how the new OS surpasses previous versions in terms of security.

1. “Smart” two-factor authorization

Apple has long announced a two-factor authorization and advises it to include where security and security are particularly important. It implies that in addition to the login and password, users will also have to enter randomly generated code sent in the SMS message.

In iOS 12 developers have added the function of autocomplete passwords. As soon as the message comes to the iPhone with a digital password, the system automatically picks it up and enters it into the form. That is, remember the combination of numbers and switch between the Messaging application and a running, say, bank client is no longer needed.

The expediency and safety of this method is now actively disputed by specialists. One thing is clear: the autocomplete feature makes it much easier to work with a smartphone.

2. Significantly less advertising in the browser

Between advertisers and Apple very often there are misunderstandings. Apple bends its line and in every possible way prevents the iPhone from turning into an advertising banner pestering the owner.

In iOS 12, in addition to the previously introduced blocker of third-party cookies, Apple has added a form blocker, pop-up ads and banner ads.

During surfing with Safari, the user will not be annoyed with pop-up banners and ubiquitous social buttons. Advertising will be less, and using iOS-devices will be more pleasant.

In addition, after the scandal with Facebook, Apple paid special attention to the closure of user data, stressing. Nothing and no one company “does not merge” for any money.

3. Improved password protection

In iOS 12, the Safari browser received an improved password manager. Inside the application, a built-in repository that stores user account data is available.

Once you need authorization on one or another site, Safari will offer one of the options.

Moreover, when creating new accounts in Safari, the automatic generation of passwords isuseful . It is almost impossible to hack through the alphanumeric combinations offered by the browser (remember also).

And in order to store such passwords it was easier, Apple provides cross-platform synchronization for iCloud. The automatically generated complex password on iOS 12 will be available on the macbo with macOS Mojave.

4. Encrypted group video calls

The possibilities for making group calls in FaceTime from Apple have been waiting for almost from the day of release. And that was eight years ago.

In iOS 12 developers heard the users, and not only opened access to joint video calls in the amount of up to 31 people, but also worked on the security issue.

The main feature of video calls was encryption. It is also present in iMessage messages. iOS 12 is designed in such a way that it is impossible to intercept and read the message until the user unlocks the smartphone using Touch ID or Face ID.

Developers of Apple assure that with iOS 12 you can use public Wi-Fi networks without fear of a possible hacking of the gadget.

5. “Live” monitoring 911

In iOS 12 there is another useful feature that will help save lives in an emergency situation. This is a matter of tracking the geo position by the 911 service.

Apple emphasizes that this innovation is implemented in accordance with all the rules of confidentiality. User data can not be used for any non-emergency purposes.

In fact, iOS 12 has the ability to monitor the geo-location by call-centers 911. When a call is received in the service, the caller’s location is automatically registered, which means that precious time is not wasted, which can be decided by someone’s fate.

This function will work together with RapidSOS. The partner company plans to install the appropriate equipment in more than 6,500 call centers in the United States.

Alas, this vital function will not work for us. At least for now.

6. Increased protection from hackers

The principle of hacking smartphones is reduced to a so-called “bruteforce” procedure or a full search. The victim’s gadget undergoes an endless and cyclical process of enumerating passwords until it is unlocked.

To crack the iPhone, which many consider to be the only smartphone that can not be cracked, the GrayKey hacking station was already introduced. Having connected the device to the Lightning-cable, in the worst case for a couple of days it was possible to get a hacked iPhone.

In iOS 12, the developers decided to cover up the bench and added the automatic device locking function within an hour after inactivity.

That is, if the smartphone is connected via a USB cable and within an hour does not pass the unlock procedure, the system automatically puts the iPhone into the “only charging” mode, stopping the process of data exchange through the ports.

Prior to the release of iOS 12, this time period was one week. After the appearance of GrayKey and its counterparts in 7 days from the smartphone, you can erase almost any information. With iOS 12, this became impossible.

Apple really thinks about our security


You can be an ardent skeptic and blame Apple for not paying attention to users. In recent years, developers and really sin releases operating systems, in which there are too many bugs.

But Apple should pay tribute to the fact that the company understands: the iPhone has ceased to be just an electronic device. He became an intimate thing, part of his personal life, safe and a repository of confidential information.

That’s why the company is doing everything possible to protect users from accidental information drains and hacking.

But there really is something to compare with. Take any Chinese on Android, walk with it a week or two, and you’ll notice how more and more adverted ads appear in the browser. Sometimes there is a feeling that smartphones on Android literally follow the users. I talked about this observation in a separate article .

Against this background, the release of iOS 12 is another step towards a perfect and secure mobile operating system, with which the user feels more secure.

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