Top 10 apps and games for 10 years of App Store history

The application store for mobile devices Apple appeared almost 10 years ago. July 10, he celebrates his anniversary. Were they surprised? It’s not worth it. Yes, the App Store was born a year after the first iPhone.

This is prefer not to say, but first Steve Jobs was against third-party software for Apple phones. But to change the decision, he was convinced by the member of the board of directors, Art Levinson, who held at least a dozen thematic meetings with the company’s head.

App Store changed our attitude to the world, which settled on the screens of the iPhone and iPad. We have selected 10 applications and games that have become favorites for the history of the application store.

Infinity Blade – the best heroic fantasy

Laureate of Apple Design Awards 2011

This game has received so many awards that it is difficult to count them. The main thing, like all the programs in this collection, became the winner of the prestigious Apple Design Awards.

Imagine, the first part of Infinity Blade came out 7 years ago. Nevertheless, according to the quality level of graphics, it remains one of the most beautiful even in 2018. At one time it proved that even mobile projects can be of the AAA level, and no RPG has so far been able to match it.

The game surprises with an exciting three-dimensional world that runs on the Unreal Engine 3. It surrounds a solitary knight who wants to save civilization by all means.

Dozens of swords and shields, helmets and armor, magic rings and other items of the fantasy hero’s wardrobe are all to be found in every part of the popular trilogy, the plot of which is twisted around the Infinity Blade.

In the games of the series you will attack almost every counter and meet real players from different parts of the world, and also get acquainted with the Tsar God and his henchmen.

Download in the App Store: the first part , The second part , Thethird part , The entire trilogy .

Limbo – the most gloomy puzzle game

Laureate of Apple Design Awards 2012

Do you know of at least one developer who allowed the death of the child in the game? For a long time I did not meet such people and even thought that it was something like a taboo. Nevertheless, Limbo convinced me otherwise.

Judging by the name, the action of this amazing puzzle unfolds on one of the circles of hell. It is home to pre-Christian righteous people and children who were baptized. According to the developer, this ring is a twilight forest, and the main character tries to get through it.

The game is stunning from the first seconds. At first it seems that before you a Gothic painting or a gloomy multi-film by Tim Burton, but with the first puzzle on the way you will understand that not everything is so simple.

The dark forest of one of the circles of hell is filled not only with logical tasks, but also with huge monsters that will deprive the protagonist of life before your eyes more than once.

To defeat them physically will not work. The boy can not run so fast, jump awkwardly and move small items – it is with this arsenal that you will have to defeat this dark world.

Download in the App Store: for iPhone and iPad (, For Mac 

BADLAND – feathery otherworld platformer

Laureate of Apple Design Awards 2013

The forest in which the plot of this amazing game unfolds, looks like it came off the pages of a beautiful fairy tale. Nevertheless, immediately after the beginning of its passage, it becomes clear that this is not the case.

You will take control of a forest resident who resembles a bird from Tiny Wings after death. It will become your guide through an astounding number of unique traps and muddled obstacles scattered throughout each level of the game. And do not die a dozen times.

There’s nothing to argue about, BADLAND brought the genre of side-scroller-platformers to a completely new level, and nothing like this in the App Store before that just was not there.

When the game became popular, the developers not only launched a sequel with a lot of fresh levels and even a new control mechanics, but also added a multiplayer battle mode to the game on one device.

Despite the fact that the first part of the game was released in 2013, it remains relevant even in 2018. It’s a pity, many have already passed all the additional levels that the developers have managed to add.

Download in the App Store: the first part , The second part , For Mac

Monument Valley – reverse geometry distortion

Laureate of Apple Design Awards 2014

First you will meet Princess Ida, and then with Ro and her little daughter. You will not control them directly, but you will be able to move architectural structures and mysterious monuments around them in such a way as to open their way.

Remember, in the games of the Monument Valley series you can not believe your head. No, here you need to focus only on what you see with your own eyes. It is this logical adventure that first acquaints you with the world of surreal geometry, filled with optical illusions for every taste.

Each level in the game combines the ideas of virtual three-dimensional minimalism, as well as palaces and temples from the real world. This is a unique world, with which we were honored to meet.

It was this game that launched a whole line of games with surreal geometry: Skyward , Evo Explores , Mekorama and so on. She actually created a separate genre.

If you have not tried this game or have already forgotten it, be sure to correct this annoying misunderstanding.

Download in the App Store: the first part , The second part 

Chameleon Run – multi-colored insane run

Laureate of Apple Design Awards 2016

The only runner who personally can not bother me in any way. He does not copy popular games of this direction – he has his own way, which helped him to become an Apple Design Awards winner a couple of years ago.

The success of this game is based on 3 whales: high-quality minimalistic graphics, insane dynamics of what is happening, as well as a simple addition in the form of a change in color. Look, the game has pink and yellow platforms, and you must be of the same color to not die when you touch them.

Each level of Chameleon Run is not only possible, but it also needs to be done several times. The fact is that you are given tasks that you must perform in order to move on. They will make you choose several ways of passing the location.

The game has a very convenient control, which gives you the ability to instantly react to what is happening around. Just one click on the right side of the screen to jump, and a simple tapa in the left to change the color.

The first levels in the game look simple enough. Nevertheless, after a few levels you will realize that you met with the most hardcore entertainment.

Download in the App Store: for iPhone and iPad .

Things 3 – balanced task scheduler

Laureate of Apple Design Awards 2009, 2017

During the creation of this material, I was more focused on the laureates of the Apple Design Awards. Nevertheless, the opinion of the judges of the company to a greater extent coincided with mine, so this collection is a personal view.

In some nominations in different years I won 3 schedulers, which I have ever used: OmniFocusRemember The Milk and Things. Each of them works well for the role of the tool of the Getting Things Done philosophy, but it was the last one that I liked the most.

The fact is that OmniFocus requires too much attention and is designed for overly complex multi-level projects, which in my work are not so common, and Remember The Milk is needed for those who generally forget about business.

This decision wants to be called the most intelligent. It does not detract from the performance of work tasks, but on time provides all the necessary information about each of them.

And the developer managed to make an incredibly user-friendly interface, which is not just convenient, but also enjoyable. So you want to plan something, then to execute it as quickly as possible.

Download in the App Store: for iPhone , for iPad , For Mac .

Pixelmator – a functional image editor

Laureate of Apple Design Awards 2011

I can not call this graphics editor the most powerful or most convenient solution for mobile devices. No, there is Affinity Photo , which many times exceeds its number of possibilities, and incredibly intuitive Snapseed . But Pixelmator wins on balance.

The application uses iOS capabilities 100%. In it you will find everything you need to create sketches and full-featured artwork, as well as editing your photos and other images. It allows you to flexibly work with layers and create stunning effects.

During the creation of the program, developers used the latest developments of Apple in the performance issue: ARC, Grand Central Dispatch, OpenGL ES, Core Image and Core Animation. Therefore, she does not think for a long time.

Special attention should be paid to two special versions of the application for Mac: regular and Pro. Both can be a good alternative for Adobe Photoshop. The only thing, it is necessary to get used to features and partially to be retrained.

Developers actively monitor the actions of Apple and try to add all the opportunities that the company introduces, among the first. For example, before many people began to work fully with the HEIF format.

Download in the App Store: for iPhone and iPad , for Mac , Pro version for Mac .

Procreate – canvas of professional artist

Laureate of Apple Design Awards 2013

Despite the fact that I can hardly be called an illustrator, and I last held Apple Pencil in my hands for more than a year, I can not but include Procreate in the selection of the most favorite and useful applications for the entire existence of the App Store.

This is really the most powerful mobile application, which is designed to create full-fledged professional illustrations. With the help of it you can start with a sketch, proceed to create a picture first, and then a full-fledged illustration.

Of course, it’s better to draw in any case better with the help of Mac and professional tablets like Wacom. Nevertheless, and with the help of iPad Pro, along with such a software, you can implement very interesting projects.

The program works with canvas of enormous resolution up to 16k on the last 12.9-inch iPad Pro and allows you to undo up to 250 steps to return to an earlier version of the image.

Among the interesting features of the application: perspective blur, synchronous editing of several layers, unique two-text brushes, continuous automatic saving.

Download in the App Store: for iPad 

Sky Guide – atlas of the starry sky

Laureate of Apple Design Awards 2014

The atlas of the starry sky has never been so simple and convenient. You just need to turn on the program and lift the iPhone or iPad over your head – you will immediately see exactly those constellations, planets and satellites that are on top.

I get the impression that this is not even a textbook for adults, but a cognitive encyclopedia for children from 5 to 95 years old. If you want to find the constellation Pisces, lost the Andromeda galaxy or you are just curious to know as much information about Mars as possible, this application is perfect for you.

To make the process of studying celestial bodies even more interesting, you can launch a real time machine and learn the most interesting events from their past, present and future.

Together with Sky Guide you can plan a romantic evening with a girl. To do this, you need to set a notification for any space events, and the program will send you a thematic notification directly to Apple Watch.

A small nice addition for you will be the widget for the Notification Center, which will show the time of sunrise and sunset of the Sun, the Moon and the planets.

Download in the App Store: for iPhone and iPad 

Workflow – a convenient way of automation

Laureate of Apple Design Awards 2015

The Workflow app got into this collection due to a lot of opportunities to automate routine tasks, which you regularly repeat on the iPhone or iPad. At your disposal are hundreds of actions that you can link into the workflow.

Last year, Apple bought the application with the giblets, adding developers to the company’s general team. Originally it was created by students who grew up both physically and professionally precisely during the time of its development.

Already in iOS 12, this program will actually become part of iOS. With it, you can create workflows for Siri, which can perform sequences of actions using shortcuts – simple voice commands.

Interestingly, it’s not just an application, it’s a real social tool with which you can not only create workflows, but also share them with your friends using the built-in gallery.

Among the popular actions of the program include the creation of GIF-animation from the selection of photos, adding to your desktop your favorite contacts, downloading all images from any web page. I hope, after the release of iOS 12 on the program will not put a cross.

Download in the App Store: for iPhone and iPad (for free)

Be sure to write down which of these applications you are already using, and which of my favorite games are on your iPhone and iPad. And tell us about your pets for 10 years of the 

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