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There was a manual on combating violence with the help of a smart house

At the end of June, The New York Times published material on the use of smart home systems in domestic violence. It turned out that such systems could well be used as a “weapon”, when one of the partners is simply driving another person crazy: for example, remotely controlling lighting, temperature and so on.

Researchers from London have prepared a manual that is intended for those who are a potential victim of a smart home (or rather, a person managing its components). The document, as is not hard to guess, is aimed at an English-speaking audience. It contains links to organizations that fight domestic violence, and offers basic advice. The authors of the document intend to regularly supplement it.

Actually, the material of The New York Times reminds the story of a fantastic thriller or the next episode of the series “The Black Mirror.” It contains stories of victims of domestic violence, according to which, the whole spectrum of smart home devices was used against them – from doorbells, air conditioners and smart speakers to observation with video cameras.

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