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“Secret protest”: six LGBT activists walked through the streets of Moscow wearing rainbow flag t-shirts

The action was attended by citizens of Spain, the Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia.

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Six activists from six different countries staged a “secret protest in front of the Russian authorities,” strolling through the center of Moscow in colorful football team jerseys. Together they formed a rainbow flag – a symbol of the LGBT community around the world.

When Gilbert Baker came up with the rainbow flag in 1978, he did it to create a symbol and sign for the LGBT community.

Unfortunately, 40 years later there are still countries in which non-standard orientation is pursued, sometimes even leading to imprisonment, and in which the rainbow flag is banned.

Russia is one of these countries.

from the site of the project “The Hidden Flag”

Each of the project participants said that he had no doubts about his desire to carry the “hidden flag” across Moscow. They wanted to “touch the hearts of many people” with their walk, and also to support Russian homosexuals forced to hide their feelings and attitudes.

Dutchman Eric Hooter (in an orange T-shirt of the Netherlands) admitted that he himself is a heterosexual. In the project, he took the place of his brother, an LGBT activist, because he could not come to Russia at the last moment.

I am defending the rights not only of my brother, but of all people. The heart is big and should be free.

Eric Hooter
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On June 14, Moscow police detained a British LGBT activist who stood near Red Square with a poster against the persecution of gays in Chechnya.

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