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Police called “Novice” the cause of poisoning of men and women in Amesbury

Whether the incident is connected with Salisbury is not yet known.

Two people found unconscious in the city of Amesbury, were exposed to the nerve agent “Novice”, the British police reported on the results of the research.

It is not yet known exactly how the victims were exposed to the substance and whether the incident is related to the Salisbury incident. “Of course, the likelihood that the two investigations may be related is the line for our study. It is important, however, that the investigation is conducted only on the basis of available evidence and facts, not our assumptions, “said Neil Basu, head of the Scotland Yard counterterrorism department.

The British police also clarified that they do not consider Russia directly involved in the new poisoning. According to one assumption, the man and the woman were the victims of the Salisbury attack.

June 29 in Amesbury, which is located not far from Salisbury, found a 44-year-old woman and a 45-year-old man unconscious. They called an ambulance, because they felt bad. They are both in hospital and in critical condition. Initially, the police assumed that the couple was poisoned by drugs, but later changed the version.

According to The Telegraph, the injured were Charles Rowley, known to the authorities as a heroin addict, and his girlfriend Don Sturgis. The edition noted that they spent several hours near the place where they “poisoned the Violins” – the cages near Malting’s shopping center, where they found Sergei and Julia Skripal unconscious.

In April, Julia Skripal was discharged from the hospital, her father – in mid-May. Britain places responsibility for the attempt on Russia, while the Kremlin denies the accusations.

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