On the Internet, smartphones are more expensive, but they are still bought. What’s the catch?

We live in the age of digital technology, and retail outlets are becoming less popular than Internet sites. People are increasingly buying gadgets online.

According to Svyaznoy and Evroset, the average price of a smartphone purchased by Russians in their online stores amounted to 19 thousand rubles.

On the market as a whole – 15 200 rubles. But in retail, the average cost was lower – 14 600 rubles.

But that’s okay. There are more interesting facts. M.Video says that online sales of smartphones more than 50 thousand rubles have grown well in the first half of 2018.

And if you believe MTS, the average price of gadgets in online stores is 25% higher than in retail. In other words, on the Internet to buy expensive devices is not as profitable, as if you came for them to a regular store.

But people come to the point of sale more often for cheap devices – they account for 34% of sales, while online only 24%.

What is the reason for such zeal to buy online?

On this score the representative of M.Video Valery Andreev has expressed:

The average price of smartphones online is higher, because through the Internet they buy more expensive models. The more expensive a smartphone, the more the buyer is sensitive even to a small difference in price – and on the Internet it is easier and faster to compare different offers and choose the optimal one, she explains.

In addition, expensive flagship devices buy online more often than other models, because buyers are already confident in their choice and see the device personally they do not have to. The growth of online sales is facilitated by the development of Internet lending.

Eldar Murtazin did not pass by. He said that people often buy on the Internet a slightly more expensive model, but more functional than retail offers for the same money. Vedomosti ]

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