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Mark Zuckerberg bypassed the wealth of Warren Buffett. But to Bezos they oh how far

According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index , a list of billionaires from the authoritative edition of Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg managed to get around the accumulated state of the famous investor Warren Buffett: the young founder of Facebook has $ 81.6 billion, and the elderly entrepreneur – $ 81.2 billion. Bloomberg makes its rating daily after the closing of trading in shares on the stock exchange in New York.

Since the beginning of the year, Zuckerberg has grown rich by $ 8.83 billion, while Warren has lost $ 4.08 billion. The second line in the rating is still held by Bill Gates with $ 94.2 billion, and on the first with a huge margin is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. His company was actively growing this year, which increased Bezos’s fortune by $ 42.7 billion – to $ 142 billion. But in September of last year, due to the tightness of his wallet, he was behind Gates.

As for Mark Zuckerberg, back in 2016 his fortune was estimated at $ 50 billion. Since then, however, all billionaires have become significantly richer. The same Bezos had about $ 53 billion, Buffett had $ 68 billion, Gates had $ 77 billion. The state of these people is multiplying with the growth of their companies’ shares on the stock exchange.

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