iOS 11.4 very quickly discharges the iPhone

More than a month ago, Apple released the final version of the operating system iOS 11.4. Among the key innovations, developers noted the support for AirPlay 2 and Messages in the cloud, but at the same time mentioned the classic “fixing bugs and increasing stability.”

Alas, Apple forgot to mention yet another innovation that has frustrated hundreds of users around the world. iOS 11.4 consumes a battery more significant than previous versions. It is a fact.

This problem is actively discussed at the official forum of Apple , and at the time of publication of the news, users have already written more than 33 pages of indignant reviews about the system.

My iPhone 6 worked fine until the moment I upgraded to iOS 11.4. Now the battery is discharged even at a time when I do not use a smartphone. Previously, the smartphone was able to withstand a whole day of battery life. After the upgrade, it is hardly enough for half a day.

Among the most voracious functions is the Personal Access Point. In this case, it drops the battery even if it was not turned on. In the monitoring of the battery, it accounts for about 50% of the battery consumption.

Here is another feedback from the user who ran into the battery on iOS 11.4:

My iPhone 6s has the same problem after upgrading to iOS 11.4. I charged the smartphone 100%, rebooted and left for 4 hours on the table. When I looked at the iPhone, I found that it was discharged to 40%.

It seems that Apple has not taken into account in the release of iOS 11.4 bug with the discharge of the battery. How is the situation with you? Write in the comments. 9to5 ]

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