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In the US, the police searched for an armed suspect in a red sweatshirt. He was hiding around the corner

“Hide and seek” from law enforcement officers fell into the plot of the local television channel.

The user of YouTube Nathan Truesdell (Nathan Truesdell) drew attention to a fragment of the plot of the channel KOMU about the search for policemen armed men in the city of Columbia (Missouri, USA). In one of the frames, a suspect in a red sweatshirt from around the corner of the house looks at the passing law enforcement officers.

The incident occurred on June 20. 23-year-old Davontay Hayes (Davontay Hayes) with two pistols slipped inside the house of his former lover and threatened to shoot her if she did not “return to him.”

After this, a fight broke out: Hayes hit the girl several times on the face and back, and then began to strangle her. When, on the complaint of one of the witnesses, the officers arrived, the attacker ran out through the back door and disappeared into the forest.

We have not yet found it, but we are sure that we know who he is. He wore gray shorts, a black shirt and a red sweatshirt.

police of the city of Columbia

Hayes was only able to be detained on June 26. Prosecutors accused a 23-year-old man of burglary, resistance to arrest, domestic assault and illegal possession of weapons. In addition, Hayes violated the conditions of wearing a GPS monitoring device, which he was given in connection with the recent parole.

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