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In the UK, near Salisbury, a woman poisoned by the “Novice”

She was found unconscious, hospitalized, but could not be saved.

Don Sturgess. Photos from her personal Facebook page

In the British city of Amesbury, not far from Salisbury, after poisoning with the nerve agent “Novice”, 44-year-old Don Sturgess died, according to the Scotland Yard website.

The counterterrorism department of the police began an investigation into the murder case. The autopsy Sturgess is planned to be held later.

Sturgess had three children. The family of the deceased woman through the police asked the media not to disturb them “in such a difficult time.”

According to the British police, the 45-year-old Charles Rowley, who was with Sturgess and received a dose of “Novice,” is still in hospital and remains in critical condition.

June 29 Sturgess and Rowley were found in a private home in Amesbury, when they were already unconscious. They felt ill and managed to call an ambulance. Initially, the police said that the couple was poisoned by drugs, but later came to the conclusion that they were exposed to “Novice.”

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Great Britain does not consider Russia directly involved in poisoning in Amesbury. The man and the woman did not become victims of the assassination attempt and were poisoned after contact with the contaminated object, believes Scotland Yard. According to media reports, on the eve of the incident, the couple visited Salisbury and spent some time near the cemetery at Malting’s shopping center, where former colonel GRU Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia were unconscious.

In April, Julia Skripal was discharged from the hospital, her father – in mid-May. The Sun, referring to representatives of the British special services, reported that the Skripis survived thanks to the rain, which washed away part of the “Novice” from the handle of the door of their house. Britain places responsibility for the attempt on Russia, while the Kremlin denies the accusations.

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