Elon Musk showed a capsule for saving children in Thailand

Elon Musk showed the test of a mini submarine for saving children in Thailand

A few days ago, Elon Musk joined the rescue of a group of teenagers and their football coach who were stuck in the caves of Thailand. At first the inventor sent his engineers to the rescue, and then suggested an unusual solution for rescuing the guys – to build a submarine from a fragment of a space rocket.

Meanwhile, the rescue operation in Thailand has already begun. According to the latest information, eight children and their coach remain in the trap.
The team disappeared on June 23, they were found nine days later by two divers from the UK. Because of the rising water and the difficult terrain, they can not get out on their own.
Musk has already posted on Twitter the tests of the submarine. The hull serves as a tube for pumping liquid oxygen in a Falcon 9 rocket: the businessman previously explained that this solution is optimal – the body is light and incredibly durable.

The submarine was tested in one of the basins of Los Angeles.

Head of SpaceX Elon Musk announced the beginning of tests of a life-saving capsule, offered for the rescue of teenagers in Thailand. The entrepreneur posted a twitter video of testing a mini-submarine in one of the pools. According to the idea of ​​Musk, a capsule can fit one teenager.

July 7, Musk reported on the agreement of the company SpaceX plan to save Thai students with the authorities of the country. Engineers must build a small submarine from the Falcon missile hull, which can accommodate two teenagers simultaneously. Musk added that this capsule with some modifications can be useful in space.

A school team of 12 teenagers and their coach disappeared on June 23rd. They went to a mountain park and decided to visit the cave, but then a downpour began and flooded it. Nine days later the group was found by rescuers. All this time the adolescents were in a cave flooded with rain, without food. Four teenagers have already been taken to the surface and taken to the hospital.

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