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Deadpool, version 6+. Review of the blockbuster “Man-ant and Wasp”

An ant man, what to hide, is by no means the most popular comic book hero. However, it was he who was lucky to enter the jubilee, twentieth picture in the car-tuned Marvel. Will he be able to bear proudly the banner of the honorary jubilee? They went, looked – sdyuzhit, can, but not for long. The movie turned out to be kind and simple, and it’s possible to record it both in advantages and disadvantages of the tape.

Dance and dance, excite and laugh

Scott had not been out on the street for three years. Eh, and in fact there was time – you will return in the evening home, with pleasure you will remove close boots, wearily put on a hanger a suit and you will flop down at the TV with an armful of something poppornovogo. But no, after that very incident in Germany, you have to run home at home. In general, Scott is an ordinary person. Well, as a man, an ant man – that’s right.

Marvel still inflated its comic universe to cosmic proportions. For several years the skeptics had doubted that the idea of ​​the giant to transfer all this figured good to the big screens would be crowned with success. But the company was able, and now her comic comics are almost the loudest blockbusters. Those who previously heard about comic books will now easily tell about the drama of Thanos and bring Captain America to the surface. His share of fame was even not the most significant in the mystery Marvel superheroes.

On the success of the first adaptation of the “Person-ant” no one really counted, and the movie took and shot, earning more than half a billion dollars. How can you stop here! They took the ant in turn. So the present film premiere follows the same course, laid three years ago. Humor, lightness and unobtrusive action – three components of success, which this time went into the business, so as not to overshoot. It turned out slightly worse than the first time, but still in the summer look.

Saving the world – the occupation is extremely tedious. First, you can die. Secondly … However, enough and “first”. But it’s almost always fun. Here you are an ordinary man, a peasant, and after pressing the red button – an ant is an ant. Klevo same! Scott left the bathroom, wiped himself with a towel in spools and looked at the super suit with disbelief. “I give the tooth that I will not wait this term at home, again I will have to save someone,” he thought. Scott did not know that he was waiting for a marvelous quantum world ahead of him.

Both films about the Person-ants are the most family in the cinematic portfolio of Marvel. You need to know about this before you go to the movies. Because the fans of “Deadpool” can spit, fans of the “Avengers” – screaming with good mate, the adherents of the “X-Men” – languidly roll their eyes.

Before us is the case when a comparison with other brethren is doomed to failure, both for the new “Ant-Man” and for the other kinomiksovs. It’s like arguing about tastes. What tastes better, vanilla ice cream or strawberry? Someone to serve pistachio, the other day can not live without chocolate. “Man-ant and Wasp” – “ice cream” is specific, with the aroma of bibligum and baby powder. In general, strictly for its audience, which, as it turned out, is not so small.

I will be devoured by beautiful beings

While his daughter slept in the next room, Scott quietly got out of the house. Riding on the bug. As he suspected, he again had to go to work. The streets are haunted and uprooted by an honest people of some kind of ghost, smugglers have lost the remnants of conscience, and in addition, we still have to go to the quantum world to save the pretty grandmother, Mama Osa. Oh yeah, Scott re-met his old acquaintance, now it’s a wasp-man! The superhero does not need insects to fly, because she has small wings. Well, the better, because two superheroes save the world and loved ones much easier than alone.

“Man-ant and Wasp” – a movie in some way even nostalgic, which can be said about the predecessor. During the viewing, no-no and yes, remember something good and bright from the 1980s or early 1990s. First of all, for obvious reasons, the tapes are “Dear, I have reduced / increased children.” Today, of course, there is more gloss and graphics, but the essence of the blockbuster is the same – naive, childish, without a gram of vulgarity.

Here there are no more intolerable villains, and those that are, the language will not turn to be called monsters. The plot has no significance, because it is cliched at the very top, and the characters of the characters are not more complicated than those of Tinky-Winky, Dipsey and the other teletubbies. Again, all this is due to the direction of the film to its audience.

Scott returned home, with pleasure pulled off his shoes and tiredly threw a suit on the hanger. On the table was waiting for a cardboard package with fresh popcorn, the TV flashed red LED lightly. But no, Scott did not need this. Soon the school for a couple of hours daughter will run, in the kitchen just smells like a freshly prepared omelette with bacon – Osa tried. No, today and all subsequent days he will spend with his family.

We must pay tribute to the authors of the picture – despite the obvious family orientation, “The Man-Ant and the Wasp” does not bother, does not moralize and does not overdo with sentimentality. All this is, but in moderation, so that the adult people are not irritated.

But what really did not like it, so it’s dull compared with the first part of the action. Fights, skirmishes, tricks with scaling are, but they are so stretched in a long time frame that they are lost in the forest from conversations, unpretentious humor and what is called a plot in a decent society.

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