Companies Xiaomi attributed the rejection of their own brand

The network is actively spreading information that the Chinese company Xiaomi allegedly decided to abandon the release of smartphones under its own brand and supposedly to withdraw a new one – POCOPHONE. Russian-language resources refer to the foreign site XiaomiToday as a source of data, but we could not find such news there.

As for POCOPHONE, the device under this name has really passed the FCC certification. Of course, there is a possibility that Xiaomi will decide to re-conquer the market using a new brand, but it is not large. And it is certainly premature to talk about “stopping the release of smartphones under the Xiaomi brand.” Rather, it’s about the emergence of a new sub-brand.

What Xiaomi now has to think about is the situation with the IPO , which was not at the best time: China’s trade war with the US has a negative impact on the economy as a whole and its individual players.

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