The National Bureau of Economic Investigations published curious statistics. According to the text of the document, behavior is widespread among users when the iPhone is bought only to demonstrate its solvency and status.

The report has an explanation that users with an iPhone have 69.1% of the cases classified as people with “high income”.

With a human iPad, researchers were able to determine the level of prosperity with an accuracy of 66.9%. In the case of the Android-device, there is a chance to predict the average income of the consumer in 59.5% of cases.

The survey involved 6,494 people living in the United States. The full text of the research is available here .

Perhaps, if the National Bureau of Economic Investigations conducted a similar social survey among the inhabitants of Russia, the report would fail.

Our mentality is radically different from the American one, whatever one may say. Guess who put off on the iPhone the last couple of years, who took it credit, and who “does not strain” in our country is very difficult. 9to5mac ]

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