🍌 Review of the legendary new Nokia 8110. The most expected caller of 2018

You all have boring smartphones. And I’m fashionable. I have the Nokia 8110 .

The very one that was in the “Matrix”, and in the people was called banana-phon. Legendary phone with a sliding cover, which in its time was a symbol of infinite coolness.

Now it is sold again . But something went wrong.

I take it in my hands and understand that I was deceived somewhere. Everything seems to be as it should be. The slider is in place. The weight is sincere (117 grams!). Written by Nokia. Even the melody at the inclusion is familiar.

But no retro here does not smell. In the new version there are a lot of weirdnesses and minuses that you do not expect from the “caller”. However, the review turned out great, we will discuss everything. To whom to read, twist to the end to answer the main question.

We wanted to do well to everyone, but it turned out …

Forget about the cost. The new Nokia 8110 is designed with a clear goal: to play on nostalgia. Do you remember this phone? Watched the “Matrix”? Maybe even went with him. Do not you want to try again?

I really wanted to. When I saw the information about the beginning of sales in Russia, immediately entered and placed an order. There was no yellow model at once, but today Nokia provided it for comparison, for which they are thankful.

But, at least kill, I do not understand the company’s strategy. People are interested in old phones from the past. It is logical to re-issue them with minimal changes: compatibility with networks of the 21st century, a standard charging port.

Instead, we persevered, for the second time in a row (we did not forget 3310, this is our review) offer the brainchild of two incompatible ideas.

Nokia did not decide what the 8110 is. Is it a retro phone? No, it’s not . Is this the phone of 2018? T Part no .

Is it convenient as a simple dialer? Well, maybe. Is it good as a gadget? Maybe yes. So controversial it turned out, that it is impossible to give a clear answer.

Damn, well, is he at least tactilely nice? Prikolno to take? I have good and bad news.

The design was done for everyone, but it turned out for no one


😎 Nokia 8110 передаёт всем привет! Помните такую в «Матрице»? Теперь новый корпус, поддержка LTE 😱, цветной экран и режим модема. Ради последнего и купить можно 👌 #nokia #nokia8110 #phone

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Nokia really thought before releasing the 8110. This is not a “left” button phone, which was nailed the name of a once popular model.

The case here is curved, unusual – just like the old model. Together with it, the screen glass and the keyboard are curved. And above it there is a lid, the same one.

The slider cap in the 8110 has always been the key and most discussed chip. About him not forgotten.
The best I can say about him:

it works
it blocks and unlocks the screen
they can receive and drop calls
The pros of the slider are over, but we will return to it shortly.The phone itself has a plastic case . The display also touches. Side frames are glossy, and the lid and back panel are matte. The keys are rubberized, except the four-way joystick, it is made of plastic.

Behind is a 2-megapixel camera with a flash and a speaker. I will say right away: the volume is above praise, so the iphone can not yell. An important plus for the “caller”.The Nokia 8110 is charged via the micro-USB port . Is there a usual slot for headphones (hooray?).

Included are charging (non-removable cable) and rather simple plug-in headphones with a microphone. The battery is not initially inserted, it should be found in the box and installed in the body itself.

If so, open the lid.There are two different slots for micro-SIM and nano-SIM. In the first, however, you can insert a microSD memory card.

What is it for? The phone supports music and video playback, which can be downloaded from the Internet or “poured” on the card from the computer.

Please note that the SIM standards are different. And the phone considers the first card is micro-SIM. A strange decision.

This phone is killing on URA. Not “brick” at allWe will immediately go to the complaints.

The matte surface of the lid-slider has already begun to wear off. It took literally 2 hours from the time of unpacking, and on the plastic vertical strips are visible. I think everyone understands what will happen after a month of real use.

Wraps quickly appeared on the case . You can not breathe on him, or what?

I also suspect that when falling, the form of the phone will play a negative role – such a bend has more chances to break from the shock wave. Not a flaw, but just for information.

It’s unclear to me if the oleophobic coating is on the display. If so, it is very thin, the marks from the hands remain for one or two and are difficult to erase without microfiber.

On the other hand, for a phone for 6 thousand rubles, no one will buy a cover, and soar at his expense – too. Okay, is the slider cool?

A more flimsy slider does not represent
Look at this photo and imagine how to open Nokia 8110. For some reason it seemed to me that you just pull it and it opens to the end itself. Pleasantly so.

If you also expected something cool and comfortable, like in 8800 , I have bad news. The slider in this model simply screams: they saved me a maximum .

Two plastic tracks and mechanical clips on both sides – here it is, the main feature of the Nokia 8110.
The slider is completely mechanical, “manual”. It needs to be crushed or hooked on the “pores”, otherwise it will be problematic to open. Then he will not go.

It is necessary to lower the lid independently with your finger to the very bottom, and then snap it. The same when closing. Unless the last half millimeter triggered the magnets and fixed the lid in the closed position.

The slider mechanism was disappointing , but not less than its flabbiness and cheap materials. It seems that I took a toy Chinese phone. Half a way, he periodically gets stuck, after which you have to move the device in your hand to open the cover completely until it clicks. Closing is easier.


“Playing” the slider is not very convenient, it periodically meets at an unexpected moment. This I say for those who loved to open and close the clamshells without end. Here you will not get the same pleasure.

He’s so pathetic , of course. A plate made of the finest plastic, which is already slightly “out of the box”.

If you have not understood, I’m not happy . Perhaps, because the expectations were too high. In our editorial office, the fans quickly appeared on the phone. One colleague went and bought it yellow.

The yellow model is absolutely steeper than the black one, so do not repeat my mistake. Take a real “banana”.

A surprise, the Nokia 8110 runs on KaiOS. This is a Linux type
For the past five years I have not used any phone with buttons. More precisely, there were a couple, but they could not do anything except for calls. Here, the case is special.

Immediately unusual feeling: I’m typing on a tiny keyboard like it’s the first time. How it was slow in comparison with modern smartphones! The best is the enemy of the good, that’s for sure.

Remember the skills of 12-key dialing, most likely, will have almost immediately. The first time you run, you have to go through the initial setup procedure. There everything is fast, except that it is necessary to connect Wi-Fi. Here, the input of the password can take a minute or two.

Then you can use. No accounts are required, but you can do it. In the Settings you can enter the login / password from the account of the operating system of the phone – KaiOS .

I know that you have not heard anything about her, and that’s normal.KaiOS – a young OS based on Linux, created for modern push-button phones. Its strength lies in the software support of all modern communication standards: 4G, GPS, as well as network services based on HTML5, including YouTube, Twitter .

The development of KaiOS is conducted by the same company in the US, and in June of this year Google invested 22 million dollars there. So this is not a dead weight you have installed, the system is developing.

Now there are only 4 phones on KaiOS, and only one of them can be bought in Russia. About it and do a review – Nokia 8110.

Despite the “youth”, the operating system looks and functions as usual. For a basis the checked ideas of the interface of push-button tubes have been taken. A simple grid of menu-icons, horizontal menu-lists, a usual set of possibilities.

KaiOS does not support touch displays, so navigation is just for buttons. And since the display does not have a strong accent, like on smartphones, then the system visually looks unpretentious.

Nokia 8110 plows quite slowly . There is a delay in response to the menu and even when typing, although small. Animations are meager, simple, a little bit inhibitory. For such a device, the moment is uncritical.

The very essence of KaiOS is to minimize the load on the device and achieve maximum battery life. That’s noticeable.

Interestingly, the Nokia 8110 does not work on any noname-processor, but on the dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 205 with 512 MB of RAM. Using the “iron” of this company and allowed to add support for LTE-networks. But in terms of performance, there is nothing to boast about.

In general, the operating system is tolerant, at least does not cause the desire to break the tube in half. That’s only her youth is noticeable when you go to Settings . There the ball rolling, the echo will be like 20 years ago.

Even there is no possibility to adjust the operation of the slider – for example, to forbid receiving calls when it is opened or closed. How did it happen!

What interesting is KaiOS. Yes, there is
Among the standard applications almost nothing special: contacts, camera, messages, music, browser, FM radio, gallery, mail client, clock / alarm clock, video player, calendar, notes, calculator, voice recorder, unit converter.

There is a snake! But not that. It moves not on the grid, but freely – and the graphics are mottled. Did Gameloft, which speaks volumes. You can play, just slightly podlagivaet picture. It is a pity that they did not put the very Snake, the reason is.

In addition, KaiOS has its own application store. He works quickly, but there is still nothing to swing from there. There are games, software. From the interesting found clone puzzle 2048, weather forecast (one), Twitter client. And that’s all.
Really. There are literally 7 or 8 applications for the whole store. And the description of Twitter was in Arabic. Okay.

In addition to applications from the “store”, which is now even ashamed to say, the phone has preinstalled several applications that you do not expect to see:
YouTube. This is a mobile version, as simple as possible. But it works! You can watch video without problems as 240p. There is nothing to see properly, but there is sound, and navigation keys can be used to control both the player and menus. So if it catches allcards the videos are in your hands.

Google Maps.

Here is quite a live GPS, satellites are fast, plus a cellular network helps. Maps are amazingly normal! You can build routes both on foot and by car, as well as by public transport. The location determines perfectly. I’m not sure that you can use the handset as a navigator, still a small screen. But the fact that you will not be lost with it is a fact.

Google Now. The most sudden thing in the “caller”, the local Google Assistant really functions as expected. You can ask a bunch of questions, from the weather to the results of football matches. It first responds with a voice, and then opens a page with the relevant result. Until now, under the impression that it works in the phone with buttons!

But there is one problem. Only English is supported , and all results will be localized for the US. That is, the weather in Fahrenheit, the distance in miles and so on. Eh. And the Internet still requires offline mode is not.

Some fucking Gameloft games. They are hidden “out of the box”, but they are loaded when connected to Wi-Fi. The phone does not say anything at all, just the new icons appear in the menu. This is normal? It seems to me that you can not do this so simply in 2018. The games themselves are flying into the furnace, it’s Gameloft. Thanks for the ability to delete, accessible directly from the menu.

Well, Twitter plows. Just can not imagine what to do on it in such a device. Is that read the posts of others.

It is a pity that there is not a single messenger. And I’m not sure that they can somehow be installed. It’s KaiOS, not Symbian or Android.

And so all these surprises, except for igromusor, are a consequence of the capabilities of KaiOS, which though looks ideologically obsolete, but “inside” promising. Updates of the system come via Wi-Fi, so it is possible that the Nokia 8110 will acquire other features during the lifetime.

If, of course, it does not suffer the fate of the ideological progenitor, Firefox OS. Remember this? She quietly died , and the code managed to partially save opensource-enthusiasts. He was taken with a team of KaiOS.

The last thing I want to mention. Pre  installed Internet browser , it is quite omnivorous. But terribly braked, just to the point of horror. Nothing but search in Google and simple queries in it do not want to.

Many sites do not open normally at all, because optimizing the layout for 240 × 320 in 2018 is nonsense. IPhone, alas, among them.

So do not expect to be “surfed” on this phone, it’s a pain.

Color display and camera – all below average

The new Nokia 8110 has a 2.4-inch color screen of medium quality. The resolution is small, 240 by 320 pixels. The picture “pixel”, about any “retina” here can not be a question. I saw better screens in the 2006 callers.

On the matrix saved , much. This is the simplest TFT LCD with acceptable viewing angles. I will not surprise anyone if I say that in the first generation iPhone (2007!) The screen was more decent.

Before you start to reproach me with claims to the phone for “three kopecks”, I will remind you: in any smartphone for 5 thousand rubles. from the shelf of the Russian store will stand the display several times better, about the rest of its capabilities generally silent.

In horizontal mode, the Nokia 8110 display shows distortion of colors, it’s unpleasant for the eyes. It would seem, who is interested in a simple phone? But in the YouTube app, for example, you can watch videos in this orientation. It is possible, but it is not necessary, because it hurts.


Since we are about bad, we will mention the camera .

I can not imagine why the company shoves them into re-publishing retro tubes. The passport here is 2 megapixels with autofocus, but my Sony Ericsson 12-year-old shot three times better.

Nothing more serious than a weak picture from the street will not work. Plus, the low resolution of the screen makes it difficult to understand what is happening in the viewfinder.

You can shoot video in QVGA resolution. An example see above, it speaks for itself.

It’s a pity, but the camera is in the furnace.

By the way, I did not find in the phone the ability to use the flash as a flashlight. That’s the omission. Straight itchy to say that such a feature is in the calls for 790 rubles. But suddenly I just did not see this setting?

There is a memory card, Bluetooth-headphone supports. Comes off as a player

Many things in the Nokia 8110 are frustrating, but some are surprising. For example, support for memory cards up to 64 GB (built-in – 4 GB, of which 2 are available). Such volumes for push-button phones are very rare.

Its slot is combined with the second “hole” for the SIM-card. You can throw off music in the. Mp3 format, photos, video. Then play in embedded applications.

On the one hand, who needs it, when almost all sit in streaming services? But on the other hand, if you still have a collection of tracks somewhere on your hard drive, the Nokia 8110 can be a good spare offline player.

There is a standard headphone jack, this is an easy vent. But it is not necessary to use it.


Already mentioned in the subtitle that the handset supports Bluetooth in full, with the modern standard – 4.1 with A2DP and even LE (low energy). In practice, this means that even the most advanced wireless headphones will work with the 8110 without problems.

I connected a few wireless Sony models to them and even AirPods – it’s okay. It was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sound: it does not reach the iPhone, but it is not worse than many budget smartphones. Only the switching of tracks in the AirPods did not work, the FIG knows why.

The phone’s operating time in the music playback mode is approximately 45 hours (video – only 5-6 hours), in reality, when both SIM-cards are in LTE mode, it will take 30 hours. Worthy.

Just a phone – full order, 2 SIM cards

Nokia 8110 exists only in one version: with two sim cards. And this is very good.

Both SIM cards work in the active mode . Both are simultaneously connected to LTE-networks. There is no such thing, that the second Simka works only in 3G-range. Also a plus.

The slot for the first card is a hybrid, there you can insert a micro-SD. Because of this, it requires a micro-SIM. I hope you have overhauled the adapters. The second slot supports nano-SIM, as in the iPhone.

Callers are given special requirements for part of the conversations, so let’s go on the impressions.


Receiving the signal is the same or slightly worse than the iPhone : where I did not catch my iPhone X, there Nokia suffered. But here two different cards can be stuck and stay in touch, even when one of the operators “fell off”.

The interlocutor is heard normally , the quality of the spoken speaker at the level of iPhone 5, that is decent for the caller. On my audibility, no one complained even on a noisy street, so we also put a microphone in a “plus”.

You can not close the lid and continue the conversation . The call is immediately discarded. And the microphone is located at the very bottom of the keyboard, so if you cover the “slider” not completely, you will hear worse.

What prevented me from taking the second microphone to the slider, I have no idea. The original did not have this, but–my, once the color display and LTE added, could have thought of this.

Talk time is up to 7 hours. Nothing special, when iPhones hold up to 12, or even 20 hours.

Much more impressive is another figure: up to 25 days in standby mode . This is an important statistic for the tube that you buy as a backup. Charge it is necessary very rarely, you can forget about its existence for weeks and then use as if nothing had happened.

I already noted that the speaker here is very loud . Built-in ringtones perfectly emphasize this. And then – disappointment: there is not the very same Nokia call that was preinstalled in the old 8110! There is something similar, but “modernized”, and not evoking emotions.

It’s good that you can put any track from the memory card on the call.

8110 is suitable for calls . This is not the coolest advantage that you can put the phone in 2018, I agree. But if you take it exclusively in this capacity, then you will not be greatly disappointed.

Autonomous work of this level in Android-smartas for 6 thousand rubles. can not be. Well, the fact that otherwise they will tear this “nokii” in shreds, we will carefully forget.

Superfishka. This Nokia works as an LTE modem and an access point


In Settings, there is an item that you do not expect to see in a simple phone: the inclusion of an access point. That is, the modem mode.

You can distribute the Internet from any of the SIM-cards. Just turn on the mode, find the network, enter the password – everything is as usual. The strength of the signal is not very large, but within a radius of five meters my computers and smartphones were able to “get it out” without problems.

The speed corresponds to the operator’s, well, except that above 60 megabits will not rise due to the signal standard, and thanks for that.

There is nothing surprising in the ability to distribute the Internet on the call. But I remind you that this model supports LTE , and this is already a huge rarity among the push-button handsets. So, you will be a quick 4G Internet user, and not a dull 3G.

Just do not forget to check and if necessary manually configure the APN settings. For example, “Tinkoff Mobile” did not want to work and decrypt an automatic SMS with settings, it was necessary to dig.

The ability to scatter the Internet to other, more powerful gadgets, instantly adds Nokia 8110 a full point. Previously, I had this task performed by the iPhone SE, which costs 3 times more.

I hope your tariff is not penalized for distribution, but this is a separate topic. By the way, in addition to distributing Wi-Fi, the 8110 can be a wired modem via a micro-USB cable.

What in the end. Who needs this, and who does not?

Nokia 8110 costs in Russia 5990 rubles. On sale are both black and yellow models.

recommend taking a yellow one regardless of gender and beliefs, unless if you are a cool guy of maximum clarity, which is kind of embarrassing to get a phone yellow.

But should we take it? Strange fruit turned out. It can be evaluated from two sides, and the impression will be strictly opposite.

If you buy Nokia 8110 from a sense of nostalgia: DO NOT do it, stop right now. This is not “retro”. From that phone there was only the mechanism of the slider. The slider itself is pathetic, the course is rough. Even “Snake” is not the same. Ringtones are different. Well, the case looks almost the same as all conventional phones.

If you buy the Nokia 8110 just like a phone: good , you can find worse versions. The Nokia 8110 is OK with some of the conversations and autonomous work. Modem mode with LTE support and 2 active SIM cards make the device a good spare handset – to be useful sometimes, and then lay for weeks without charging.

However, many will buy it without rational motives. This is normal, so then the only important question is – is it cool ?

And then everything is simple. Take the yellow one . He’s cool. And black turned out to be a complete sludge.

By the way, if I choose between the updated Nokia 3310 and 8110, I would take the latter because of really useful features of distributing the Internet and supporting LTE. In Russia, do not sell a new version of the 3310-th model with 4G, but the “banana” is already on the shelf. Take it and eat it.

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