Why does the iPhone launch apps?

When my iPhone X is unlocked and I do not press anything, it periodically launches different applications. What to do? 
– Marina

Hello, Marina.

Most likely, in your case there is a mechanical breakdown of the display, this happens after a fall or a poor-quality replacement module. Sensory “interlayer” is damaged and occasional false alarms occur in different parts of the display.

To exclude other options before going to the service, do the following.

1. First we do Hard Reset . Resetting the smartphone can bring to life after the program crashes and glitches.

2. You can try to restore the firmware via iTunes on your computer. If the cause was a software failure, the problem may be solved.

3. Remove the protective film or glass. Some types of screen protection can produce false alarms. Thoroughly wipe the display with a dry soft cloth and check the operation.

4. If none of the above did not help, the reason for the glitch is in the non-working touchscreen module of the smartphone.

Unfortunately, without a hike in the service can not do.

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