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“They fought to the end, but did not have enough luck”: Cherchesov about the defeat of Croatia at the 2018 World Cup

The Russian national team did not have enough luck in the quarterfinal match of the World Cup with Croatia. This was stated by the head coach of the team Stanislav Cherchesov. He noted that his team fought to the end, and this spirit has borne fruit – the outcome of the game was determined only after a penalty shootout.

Cherchesov also explained why Fedor Smolov played a post-match penalty, and talked about the conversation after the match with Vladimir Putin.

– Can you say that the Russian team jumped above the head?

– I can not answer this question. We were preparing for the tournament, we sorted out the rivals, we studied the details. The Confederations Cup helped us this much. You see that our work has borne fruit. Unfortunately, we feel like soldiers who have been demobilized. We would still like to serve the country, at least until July 15.

– Will you remain the head coach of the Russian team?

– I can not predict my future. I do not want to look that far. The nearest tournament for the national team is the League of Nations, where we have very good rivals. It will be necessary to properly prepare for them. Now we should calmly analyze our speech. From the first second we knew what we wanted and where we were going. Everything worked out. I hope, we will draw the right conclusions and make one more step forward.

– Before the World Cup from the Russian team at home, nothing was expected. Can such an attitude help show results?

– It will surprise you, but in no country do they believe in their national team. This is normal. The main thing is that we believe in ourselves. Asking someone to believe in the team was not going to and could not. We could only fall in love with people in our team. Now the whole country knows everything about our team. We made fans change their minds about us.

– Are you happy with the support of the fans at the stadium “Fisht”?

– Of course. As a rule, the stands are silent, if nothing happens on the field. Today, sometimes I had to conduct the cheerleaders. I hope Valery Gergiev will forgive me for my awkward movements. I wanted to get people on their feet, to get people.

– After four years at the World Cup in Qatar, the national team will remain at the same level?

“We can not think five years.” I do not even foresee anything for four days, let alone years. To date, we have done everything. Could go on, I’m grateful to my guys. They really fought to the end, but not enough luck.

– Do you have any regrets about some personnel decisions?

– I have many shortcomings, there are even more than advantages. For example, I never regret what has been done. Decided – make the maximum. Nothing to regret! The guys I invited to the team were really the best in the country. I can give you a long lecture on how the team is built. You look at the names, and the coaching staff – on a few other things.

– Did Vladimir Putin call you?

– Dmitry Medvedev came to the locker room of the national team, but at that moment, unfortunately, I was in an interview and could not talk to him. Putin called this afternoon, talked for a few minutes. He just dialed again, congratulated with a good game. It is clear that we are upset, but you need to keep your head higher and move on.

– The decision to beat the post-match penalty to Fedor Smolov – yours?

– And why did not you ask this question after the match with Spain, when he realized his attempt. This time he decided to break through this way. What more do you need to answer? When the team plays 120 minutes, no one asks for a penalty kick. After the final whistle, I approached Roma Zobnin, asked him about something, and he did not even understand me, so tired. Beat those who were ready to go. After Spain it was the same.

– Is it possible to say that Russia is leaving with its head held high?

– The key word – leaves. It is clear that with a high head lifted better, but … Chances to compete for the trophy is no more, and we are frustrated. The way we played makes the team honor. Yes, and the organization of the tournament was at the highest level. We were a good host country mundialya. Thank you to everyone who supported us. Our task is not to be satisfied with what is, but to take the next steps.


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