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Public: Translation of Russian memes for foreigners

The Briton, with the help of dictionaries and friends from Russia, explains jokes about cats, depression, Grudinin and “The Suffering Middle Ages”.

In mid-June, a Twitter user from the United States drew attention to several “beautiful” Russian memes, on which he came across in social networks and the encyclopedia “Memepedia.” His tweet with one of the examples became viral, and in the comments came Russian-speaking users who began translating into English other jokes, for example, about “nologs” and the Naval.

A few days after that, a community of Russian Memes United appeared in the microblogging service , in which some popular Russian memes began to translate to the intrants. The creator of the account, who wished to remain anonymous, told that he lives in the British city of Leeds, but his mother is Russian. According to the author of the translations, he maintains contact with relatives and friends from Russia, but until recently did not show interest in the domestic memes.

It all started with a wave of tweets [about Russian memes] three or four weeks ago. After that my friends from Russia began to send me a bunch of pictures. Some of them seemed ridiculous, some – no. Therefore, I decided to make my own translations of these memes with the help of basic knowledge of the Russian language, dictionaries and advice of friends.

I’m surprised that memes are so popular with Russians.

author of Russian Memes United

Within a few weeks the creator of the community translated more than a hundred memes.


As with the translation of memes to an American user of Twitter, there are many jokes about depression in the community in Russian.

Comments on tweets are mostly Russian-speaking users, but there are also answers from foreigners. According to the author of translations, English-speaking users make up about half of subscribers, and he hopes that in the future even more people “will discover this unique world”.

Some commentators criticize the creator of the community for incorrect translation of phrases or individual words. The Briton admitted that he could make mistakes, and called Russian one of the most complex languages ​​in the world.

Favorite memes of the founder of Russian Memes United – about “The Suffering Middle Ages”. Especially he liked the joke about the year 1348.

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