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Nevelny, noggs and jokes about death: Twitter users explained to a foreigner Russian memes

Modern cultural exchange in social networks.

June 15 Twitter user under the nickname a sinister cabal Catboy the gay , whose country of residence as specified USA, spoke about his study “Russian memes.” He shared with jokes “This giant cat”, adding a description from the Russian-language encyclopedia Meme Memedicia: “This is a picture of a woman in red, who sits at the table and covers her face with her hands. The entrance to the room is covered by the giant head of a white cat. Used as a meme about something obsessive and unpleasant, which makes a person feel their own insignificance. ”

“I look at Russian memes and go crazy, they are really excellent”

The American noted that he had got acquainted with the memes from Russia when he saw the incomprehensible word “kus”. He burned it and got to Memedia, where he read about “This giant cat”, as well as “ Kota-kachka “. What happened he called a happy accident.

Twitter became viral, and in the comments came Russian users who began to advise their favorite memes. For convenience, they translated their foreigner into English. Among the memes there were popular such as ” flesh nogie “, ” blank Newel ” and fish that are trying to read.


“My favorite Russian meme is about fish that read books and say something like” I can not read “and” It’s too complicated. ” The best pictures in the world »

“Can Russians eat stones?” Can stones pay taxes? And other variations ”
Because of the sheer love of sinister gay catboy cabal, the commentators translated to him many Russian memes about animals.

There were very strange jokes.

At some point, Russian Twitter users realized that they have too many memes about death and depression.

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