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Media: Rescuers bring first schoolchildren from Khao Luang cave in Thailand

Rescuers in Thailand were taken from the cave Khao Luang to the surface of the first two of 13 people who were inside more than two weeks. This was reported on Sunday by the newspaper Khaosod.

In addition, according to Spring News, a third teenager could get out at 18:06 (14:06 MSK).

Currently, the children are examined by the doctors, after which they will be taken to the hospital by helicopter. Khaosod emphasizes that there has not yet been an official statement on rescuing teenagers from local authorities.

On June 23, employees of the national park discovered a motorbike and bicycles near the entrance to the cave, as well as sports equipment. They contacted the local football club, where they were confirmed that the items found belong to 12 schoolchildren aged 11 to 16 and a 25-year-old coach. The cave in which they found themselves, stretches for almost 10 km, has several entrances and exits, as well as large halls where the missing could hide from the arriving water. The Thai authorities organized an operation to rescue peoplestuck in the cave.

A school football team from Thailand, along with the coach, disappeared in a Thai cave on June 23 because of a shower that flooded the exits. After 9 days the group was found by rescuers, all this time teenagers were without food.

Later it turned out that the students will not be able to get out of the cave in the near future: none of them can dive under water, and many do not even know how to just swim. In addition, the situation is complicated by zero visibility under water, strong current and narrow crevices: because of this, even professional divers hardly reach the group in six hours.

The Thai authorities first considered options for teaching schoolchildren to diving and supporting their food and supplies inside the cave before the end of the rainy season. However, in the air pocket where the adolescents are, there is no oxygen left – divers are constantly delivering it, and there is a risk of complete flooding.

July 6 Eon Musk, responding to a question from the user of Twitter, offered help to the Thai government. After that, he sent a team of engineers from his companies SpaceX and The Boring Company to the site to assess what they could do to help.

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