Inventions that played a crucial role in the development of the automotive industry

The car itself is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. The history of the automobile industry totals 134 years. All this time, manufacturers have sought to make cars better and better. Happened on this path every. There have been frankly unsuccessful developments, and there have been inventions that have become major milestones in the development of the automotive industry. About such inventions – further in the review.


Removable rubber tire

Now, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern car, it’s without tires. The first cars got the wheels as a legacy from horse-drawn carriages. The tire and the wheel were one. This design was very heavy, unreliable and stiff on uneven surfaces.

And in the event that the tire was wearing out, the driver had to change the wheel entirely. The problem was solved by the brothers Michelin, who in 1891 perfected the already existing by then inflatable tires, making them removable. So there was a design that has been used for 129 years on cars and will not be replaced in the near future.

Diesel engine

The share of diesel cars in Europe as of the end of 2017 was 46.6%. Such high rates are achieved, because the modern diesel car is practically not inferior to the petrol in comfort and speed, but it is noticeably more economical than it. And it became possible thanks to the work of the German engineer Rudolf Diesel.

The first functional version of the diesel engine was developed in 1897. The efficiency of this engine was 26.6%. It significantly exceeded the performance of the engine operating on the Otto cycle, which had an efficiency of 20%. Despite this, the first diesel car appeared only in 1936. He became Mercedes 260 D. His engine – a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine, developed 45 liters. from. at 3000 rpm.

Electric Starter

Today it seems obvious that in order to start the engine you need to turn the key in the ignition switch. However, once it was a real breakthrough. Made this breakthrough in 1911 American Charles Kettering, inventing the first electric starter. Prior to this, the engines had to be handled by means of a special handle, nicknamed “a crooked starter.”

This pen was terribly uncomfortable, and at times even dangerous, because after the start it started spinning along with the engine and often broke the brushes, or even hands to the drivers. The first car to be launched “from the key” was the Cadillac Model 30, introduced in 1912.

Seat belts

The seat belt not only changed the car world, but became an invention that saved millions of human lives. In fact, the belts were used on racing cars as early as the beginning of the 20th century. And they became really in demand after the Swedish engineer Nils Bohlin invented the design of a three-point seat belt in 1958. This design was very convenient in everyday use.


It first appeared on the Volvo PV 544 in 1959. Over time, all three manufacturers began equipping their machines with three-point belts. And after the legislation of many countries began to require the use of seat belts, the mortality rate on the roads has decreased several times.


The inventors of the carburetor are Donat Banks and Janos Chonka. They patented their invention in 1893. The power systems of the first cars were extremely imperfect. They did not take into account the features of the engine in different conditions, such as start-up, idling, acceleration. The motors were very uneconomical because of this.

The invention of a carburettor made it possible to operate the engine in a variety of conditions. Of course, now carburetors are a thing of the past, but the injection system, which is universally applied today, with the advent of the computer, has become in fact the logical development of the invention of Hungarian engineers.


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