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Incredible intimate customs that you have never heard of


In different parts of the Earth people live by their own rules, and these rules can surprise us and even shock us. But we must not forget that European culture is not the culture of the whole world. Yes, when you read about strange customs and rituals, sometimes you just can not understand and understand them, but they do exist. The more interesting! Let’s learn more about the intimate customs of different countries.

Paradise huts for 15-year-olds


In the patriarchal Cambodia in the province of Ratanakiri, the Creung tribe lives. Local customs prescribe to send fifteen-year-old girls reaching the age of majority to look for a life partner in a rather unusual way. Surprisingly, the fact is that fathers with their own hands are building small bamboo huts near their homes for daughters, where a girl can lead guys and make love to them.

The number of applicants for the title of future husband is not limited: the process of finding a husband is not an easy task, and the tribe understands this. It is also believed that, thanks to this custom, a woman becomes self-confident, independent of imposed priorities and herself establishes rules in sex. She can use this hut as much as she likes, until she finally meets her true love and marries. Perhaps, thanks to the paradise huts, divorces in the tribe are extremely rare. By the way, there is almost no rape in this tribe.


Brother you to me


In Nepal, practicing polyandry, scientifically – polyandry, i.e. such a marriage, when a woman can have several husbands. As a rule, a woman marries several siblings. This approach to marriage can be easily explained: the country is densely populated, there are not enough lands and pastures for everyone, and a polyandric marriage makes it possible not to divide their plots between the brothers. The second important point is that there will be many children in this marriage, which means that there is more chance of survival. And the third – several husbands will be able to provide a better home than one, so that the material side of the matter plays a big role. In 1963, Nepal issued a decree banning polygamy, but who will pay attention to some decree if life makes you act differently? So even now such marriages in Nepal are not uncommon.


Night when you need to change


Seven times a year, Indonesians celebrate “Pont”. The solemn ceremony is held in a special place – at the foot of the sacred mountain on the island of Java. There, participants of the holiday make love all night with people with whom they are not tied by conjugal ties. It is believed that the most lucky is the one who during the year all 7 celebrations Pont will spend at the sacred mountain (with all the ensuing consequences) with the same sexual partner. Participants in this beautiful ceremony believe that it attracts luck and wealth.


Puritan intimacy in clothes


In Ireland, on the island of Inis Big, there lives a small Catholic community – several villages, several hundred inhabitants, all people deeply religious. With an intimate life they have strict: intimate education is forbidden, sex before marriage is prohibited. Parents arrange marriages of their children without asking their consent. 

With intimate contact, only kisses and weasels of the buttocks are allowed as preliminary caresses, while the whole initiative must come from the husband and everything should take place in a classical pose. Well, the cherry on the cake: the partners are obliged to make love without taking off the linen, since nudity is inadmissible and sinful.


Female exhibitionism.


Women-native of the island of Bougainville (the state of Papua New Guinea) prefer to declare their love languor, publicly exposed. The custom says that this behavior should serve as a signal to the chosen one. Like, take me soon, eighteen already.


The teacher is my first.


In the Pacific there is an island of Mangaia, so there is such a custom: when a boy reaches the age of thirteen, he chooses an intimate teacher from older ladies. And she teaches him all intimate wisdom. The task of the teacher is to make sure that the student successfully passed the exam in the future family life and could fully satisfy his wife.


Drink these men.


Members of the Sambia tribe unreservedly believe that if their boys are to become real men, they should drink a drink from sperm – a cocktail of masculinity. Boys from 7 to 10 years old are engaged in oral sex with older warriors of the tribe and, as it were to say more precisely, swallow the result. The tribe believes that semen is the main source of life, giving strength and turning a boy into a man.


Animal passion.


Sex with animals is not welcomed in almost any country in the world, except … Lebanon. There, the law allows men to love their pets in all senses. But the pet must be a female. For communication with the male can be executed.


The first wedding night with witnesses.


In the Colombian town of Kali there is no less interesting custom. The first wedding night of the newlyweds should take place in the presence of the mother of the bride, who in this case acts as the official witness of the accomplished marriage.


Knowledge is power.


And in French Polynesia, more specifically – in the Marquesas Islands, the spouses are also not against witnesses. But of a different kind: there they are allowed to observe what is happening to their children. And what? Let them learn, in the future exactly useful.

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