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In Germany, for the first time a woman comments on the World Cup matches

Many did not expect this and in social networks, a flurry of criticism fell on the woman

For the first time in history, a woman comments on World Cup football matches. Earlier, Claudia Neumann commented on the European Championship in 2016. But then and now a woman has fallen a flurry of criticism in social networks. Claudia previously commented on the Olympic Games.

Causes of criticism

The main reasons for criticism are nonemocinality and a “nasty” voice. Also, she is criticized because she was mistaken when she called the name of the player from the team of Japan.


Claudia Neumann is as emotional and fascinating as the dance group from the Black Forest nursing home. But I understand. Gender equality

Claudia Neumann is a very bad woman
But the woman found many defenders

Just a pleasure to listen to the comments of Claudia Neumann. Emotionally, but with understanding, sometimes louder, sometimes quieter, then faster, then more sedate. Much better than the comments of Steffens, Bartels and many of her other male colleagues. Thank you, ZD

Apparently, some viewers are not yet ready to take seriously a woman commenting on football

Thomas Bellout
director of ZDF

Some television companies have promised to hire female commentators.

A source

And also she was interviewed.

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