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Fotozhaby: Cat-rolling

A pet that can be petted only if it resolves.

On May 28, a Twitter user from the Canadian city of Quebec published photos of a cat she met in 2017. The girl noted the “muscularity” of the animal and called it “cat-kaczkom.” Users began to call the cat “Arnold Kotneggerom” and “Murrminator.


“Every day I think about the rolling cats I met last year”

“If you close your eyes before the cat-kicking hits you – your brain will think that you are dead. Some people find comfort in this “

For a few days “cat-kachok” became popular in social networks, and his muscles were discussed by veterinarians. “This is a unique case. There is a special genetic mutation, which is found mainly in cows – it is called “double musculature”. I’ve heard that similar mutations occur with some breeds of dogs, but that in cats – never. Perhaps this cat is the first, “- told the publication Buzzfeed Dr. Dan Smith.


Fans of a muscular animal began to take photoshoots with him, substituting a cat for films like “Jurassic Park” and “Ghostbusters”.

According to users, with such a structure of the body the cat can replace the actor Dwayne “Rock” by Johnson. Or at least play with him in one movie.

His version of the cat-pitching made the French artist Kevin Gemin (Kévin Gemin), which creates animated versions of popular animals on the Internet.

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