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400 years ago the samurai wrote 20 rules of eternal wisdom, which are still relevant


The most important provisions from the book of Miyamoto Musashi, adapted to modern life

Musashi Miyamoto, also known as Bannosuke Miyamoto, was one of the greatest Japanese fencers of the 17th century. He was perfectly master of the sword and was an experienced warrior who had no equal. He owns a record number of victories in fights – about 60.

Shortly before his death, the samurai wrote a book, The Way Walking Alone, in which he described his philosophy of life.

In its essence, it is Confucianism and Taoism. Despite the fact that several centuries have passed, the book not only has not lost its relevance, but on the contrary – it gives more and more answers to questions that concern each of us.

We selected the 20 most important provisions from the book and adapted them to modern life:

1. Learn to accept life as it is.

If you worry too much about the distant future, it will only sow anxiety and anxiety in your soul. You will be in constant stress. In order to maintain mental equilibrium, one must learn to accept life as it is. Every day – as it is.

Thus, you can easily and painlessly resist all life’s troubles.

2. Do not pursue the pleasures of obsession with a hungry wolf.

Pleasant things are good when they appear unobtrusively and naturally in our life. If you are always in search, then you lose the ability to enjoy happy moments of life.

In our times, most pleasures are small, short-lived and increasingly unattainable. This alone should convince you that it is useless to pursue them.

The most good and pleasant comes into our life unexpectedly and unexpectedly. And it can be even very insignificant, at first glance, things: the singing of birds in the garden or the ray of the sun, which breaks into the room through the ajar curtains.

3. Do not be impulsive.

Indeed, following your instincts and intuition is sometimes quite good. But still it’s much better – calmly assess the situation, calculate all possible consequences, and only then make a decision.

4. Stop obsessing about yourself with your beloved.

We live in a time when people devote hours of precious time of their lives to making a successful selfie that will collect a bunch of “likes”. We are all in pursuit of some kind of ideal that we’ve seen on the Internet.

Why do you need this? Think about it. Stop wasting time on these senseless pursuits, and immediately free up time for the present that will fill your life and make you happy.

5. Do not let jealousy control your life.

Jealousy in any form causes obsession. And obsession, in turn, forces you to think prejudiced and make mistaken decisions.

Do not let this impulse control your life in any case!

6. Drain yourself from wanting something very much.

This is already pure water Buddhism: any attachment can lead, after all, to obsession, which leads to destruction, and quite quickly.

7. Do away with regrets.

Once you understand and agree that what has been done is not changed, and that everything in our life happens for some reason (although at first it is very difficult to see this meaning), you will cease to regret what was done.

Regrets prevent us from noticing and using the new chances that life throws up. After all, all our thoughts are occupied with only one – chewing on the past.

8. Do not get hung up on experiences because of parting.

This item is similar to the previous one. In our life we ​​have to part with our loved ones, it happens that more than once.

Remember: everything in our lives is only for the better.

And one more thing: no matter how painful it is, time heals it and it is very effective.

9. Do not compare yourself with anyone.

Instead, think about what you managed to achieve, although it was very difficult to do it. And either consider that you conquered the summit, or continue to work on yourself.

10. Do not let the passions and instincts control you.

A man is a being who loves sexual pleasure, but the master samurai advises to look for real and not momentary pleasures – they are the true ones.

11. Be always open.

The most unreasonable thing is to hide and run away from opportunities that, in your opinion, you do not need. Be always open to the new, and then the journey through life will become much more interesting and happy.

12. Do not be a slave to your environment.

Do not get hung up on something too much. Whether it’s a person, a social status or a luxury home. Life and its pleasures are very fleeting. It is unreasonable to become attached to something very strongly.

13. Do not be insatiable.

Musashi, like his teacher Buddha, adhered to moderation. Food is just a source of energy to sustain life. No more!

As soon as you start to treat food as a source of pleasure, you will start to search and absorb it with a real obsession.

14. Be ascetic in your needs and needs.

Nothing in this world (even your body) is eternal. You can not take with you after a life even a matchbox.

Is it not wiser then not to pursue things like a glutton who can not at all eat?

15. Do not get carried away with anything just because everyone does it.

You must believe only in what is of true value to you. And this should meet your intellectual and spiritual needs.

16. Be grateful to God, but do not depend on him.

“God helps those who help themselves” – remember this saying?

God (and) – only to show us the way and motivate, but in life we ​​must row ourselves – nothing can be done about it.

17. Do not be afraid of death.

There is another well-known samurai guide to life called “Hagakure”. It says that you have to fight to die, and only then you will win.

In simple words, accept death as inevitability and truth, which no one in this world has managed and can not avoid.

18. Do not draw your sword, if it is not necessary.

The killing of the weak and defenseless, as well as the attack, is a big sin.

19. Wealth is not the goal of life.

If everyone in the world were concerned only about how to get rich even more – our society would simply cease to exist.

No jewels and money of the world are worth your obsession. It’s just stupid.

20. Defend your honor.

You are your very first friend, and your honor is armor. When someone’s honor is questioned, her defense reveals the most beautiful features in a person.

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