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Women are more interesting than the Russian team than Russian football

Data “VKontakte” say that they follow the World Cup more than the Premier League.

The successes of the Russian national team and the holding of the World Cup attract women to football. This is evidenced by the open statistics of football publics “VKontakte”. For example, among the subscribers of the official World Cup 2018 – 35% of women, and the Russian national team their 31%.

Comparison of this indicator with the public profiles of individual Russian clubs and leagues shows that they are less interested in women. Popular women’s clubs have about 20% of subscribers, and the subscribers of the official page of the Russian Football Premier League “Our Football” are 86% men.

The official community of the UEFA Champions League also attracted a small percentage of women. It seems that they are in principle not interested in club football. In this case, both the Champions League and the World Cup are men’s competitions. The page of the Russian national team illuminates the games of the women’s team, but the main content is the men’s team.

If you look at the official public relations federations of other sports, it turns out that football in gender distribution is similar to cycling, basketball and table tennis. With a breakdown in the share of women, rhythmic gymnastics, equestrian sports and figure skating are in the lead. Almost no interest in women’s mini-football, wrestling and eSports.

The location on the opposite poles of rhythmic gymnastics and eSports is natural. In the first form, men are not officially competed, and in the second, there are too few women athletes. The meager proportion of men watching horse sports is most likely due to the fact that the federation is not engaged in horse racing. Among other species, it is curious that chess is a more female sport than, for example, basketball.

In general, the number of subscribers to many public Federations is small. In many ways they are followed not by fans, but by athletes and people close to them. But this does not apply to football: the World Cup 2018 has more than a million subscribers, and the Russian national team has 140,000 subscribers.

Earlier, the Ministry of Communications reported that a quarter of all applications for the passport of the fans of the 2018 World Cup were sent by women. An international study by Nielsen showed that the gender ratio of the planned championship was 57% and 43% for men. In Russia, according to GfK Rus, this distribution is 69% and 31%, which almost coincides with the data from VKontakte.

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