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Underwater Rugby


We have repeatedly examined and studied unusual sports, well, for example,  World Cup slap in the face , but  what will happen if you combine billiards and football? . Here is another  new popular sport – tekbol (TEQBALL ) or for example   Chess + Boxing = Shakhboks . And yet    Sepak-taro. Yes, this is such a sport!

For me, in general, rugby is a strange sport, and underwater rugby is so strange in the square

Two teams of 6 people play in the pool, the size of which is 10-12 meters wide and 15-18 meters in length. The task: to score a goal in the basket, which is located at opposite ends of the site, at a depth of the pool from 3.5 to 5 meters.

Of the equipment for rugby players only fins, mask and tube.

Here’s how the game goes:


There you can easily start to “drown”. There can easily begin a fight. And, no longer with ease, there can be such a beautiful goal scored there that even if you look at underwater rugby for the first time, you can not resist the emotional exclamation “Wow!”

Best of all on this sport can tell the defender of the Russian team, European champion Ilya Assorov.

“One of the main impressions is the victory over the Austrian national team at the World Championships, in extra time. After the hardest stretch, when almost all of our team was removed and they could not score, when you went to the basket with the idea that it’s better to drown than to let them score. And when we already scored, at first I felt a void, but then … A hail of emotion is a feeling of satisfaction and euphoria.

I also clearly remember our first European championship among the youth teams. We went to this victory for three years, but in the decisive games have always lost the national team of Germany. However, in 2007 we came to the primacy of the “Old World”, and the whole team was confident in the victory at 100%. On the first day there was a draw of teams, and we all literally prayed that there would be Germans in our group. And you would see our joy when our coach arrived and said that the first game will be with the German team!



In the first game, everything was decided. We beat them 3: 0. Scored even in the minority, I then, incidentally, also distinguished himself.

And then we met with them in the final, where they were again beaten. To say that it was fun is to say nothing. The final whistle, the whole team explodes with screams and jumps into the water, congratulations, the Russian anthem … “

Underwater rugby – a vivid example of what is exotic – does not mean boring. Emotions from the goals there are the same as at the World Cup.







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