World Championship2018

The FIFA page in “VKontakte” has become one of the most popular sites of RuNet about the 2018 World Cup

At the same time, Ronaldo is interested in social network users four times more than Messi.

The Football World Cup has become one of the most discussed topics in VKontakte, and the official page of FIFA in this social network is one of the most popular venues in the runet, where matches are discussed.

In “VKontakte” explained the involvement of users with a large number of special functions, services and special projects – such, for example, as a special thematic news feed inside the social network.

Only during the match of the Russian national team against Spain the community was visited by 9.5 million unique users of VKontakte. The total number of unique thematic video views has exceeded 89 million, and the official World Cup page has received more than 400 thousand inquiries and sent out about 5 million messages to subscribers. This is reported in the official release of FIFA (available to ).

In June and July, VKontakte users published over one million posts devoted to the World Cup, including more than 300,000 posts about Cristiano Ronaldo and more than 75,000 posts about Lionel Messi.

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