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Siemens will localize the production of turbines in Russia to 90%

Well, the epic with the Crimean turbines and the veneer of Siemens on Russia has ended successfully. Actually, no one doubted that it would be so.

Nothing personal just business.

The German engineering company Siemens plans to bring the localization of production of gas turbines for thermal power plants (TPP) in Russia to 90% in one or two years, the president of Siemens in Russia, Dietrich Möller, told reporters.

The request for localization in 90% of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation proposed to install for equipment that can participate in a large-scale modernization program up to 39 GW of thermal power plants worth 1.35 trillion rubles. In Russia, the turbine Siemens produces a joint venture of the German concern and “Power Machines” – STGT.

“Yes, … we have already reached the level of localization of about 60% (at STGT – ed.). This is not so far from the 90% that are required and we are confident that we can offer the most efficient gas turbines for the modernization program …. The goal is clear – 90% localization. I think it will take a certain time, a year or two. Necessarily include Russian suppliers, “- answered Möller when asked if there are plans to increase localization to 90%.

“Siemens is able to invest, we have these funds, we do not have any restrictions on the transfer of technology,” Möller said.

According to him, Gazprom energoholding and Siemens have an example of successful modernization of the turbine at Kirishskaya GRES. Möller noted that it is planned to localize 90% of the production in the Russian Federation for the STG 2000E turbine (it is now at 60% level). Also discussed are the turbines SGT 4000F and together with the partners – turbines for 100 MW – H-100.

Now, according to Möller, STGT produces 7-10 turbines of various types per year, including for export. Production volumes after increasing the level of localization, he did not assess.

“If we talk about 90%, it is almost completely a turbine. This is the hot part, the combustion chamber, and the blades, “Möller said, noting that specific solutions for localization will depend, in part, on the project economy, on the final cost of the equipment produced.

When asked if the blades can be installed in Russia, Möller said: “The first step has been made, repair of these blades, we have opened a workshop for this. Of course, the production of blades is also considered. “

He noted that it has not been decided yet whether Siemens will do it by its own efforts, since there are good production facilities in Russia, and therefore either own production or strategic partnership can be.

The Russian Federation does not produce gas turbines of high power, from 110 MW and more. This equipment is the main one for thermal power plants with a combined-cycle cycle, but so far it has been imported. The lack of Russian technologies of large turbines also in the conditions of Western sanctions was one of the reasons that led to a dispute with German Siemens on the supply of turbines to the Crimea.

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