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“Russian with a demonic glance”: an engineer from Samara became a meme in Brazil because of the frame with the flag on the 2018 World Cup

The Brazilians fell in love with Yuri Torski for the expression in the match against Mexico, called his “talisman” and invited to the match 1/4 finals mundialya.

July 2 at the stadium “Samara Arena” was a match of the 1/8 finals of the 2018 World Cup, in which Brazil beat Mexico with a score of 2-0 and went on. The game was remembered not only by the simulations of Neimar, but also by the facial expressions of Samaritan Yuri Torsky. During the match, the operators showed the fan to the whole world: he covered himself with the Brazilian flag and looked impressively at the camera.

Images from the broadcast immediately became popular in Brazil. Users of social networks noted the “demonic look” of Torsky and called him one of the main Brazilian memes of the tournament along with the falling Neimar, the running coach of the team Tite and the goalkeeper who is breaking the balloon on the field. On the pages of Yuri in Instagram and ” VKontakte ” signed tens of thousands of people, mostly – the Brazilians.

The Brazilian mass media began to take an interview from a resident of Samara in large numbers. Journalists learned that 34-year-old Torsky worked as an engineer at the Progress missile and space center and got to the match with Mexico on the day off. He also said that he had long supported the Samara “Wings of the Soviets”, but the last years were “heavy” for the club.

For me it’s crazy. In the morning he opened a social network and saw many messages. I thought, “Damn, what happened at night? So many people are enjoying my photos and writing messages. ”

Yuri Torsky

The engineer from Russia was called the mascot of the Brazilian national team (the official mascot of the team is the chicken of Canarinho) and began to make pictures and comics with his participation. Most of them – about the alleged victory over Belgium in the quarter finals of the 2018 World Cup.

Some Brazilians began to do tattoos with Torsky.

Sim! É verdade 👀

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And the girls began to repeat his already famous position with the flag.

A few days later Torsky recorded for the Brazilian edition of Globo a video message with thanks to the fans and users of social networks, which made him a meme. A short video scored about ten thousand retweets.

July 6 at 21:00 Moscow time, Brazil will fight with the Belgians for entering the semi-finals of the World Cup. And the Latin American team invited their new talisman to the game in Kazan.

Samarets told the local edition of that he bought the flag back in 2011, when he was on a business trip in Latin America. After that, it supports Brazil at all tournaments. According to Torsky, he treats memes with his participation calmly.

This is a modern culture. In Samara, as a hero of memes, they do not recognize me, and I would not want to, I’m a rather modest person. Mimicry and a look at the photo is an accident. I did not know how I look at the camera at the moment. In life, I’m less serious.

Yuri Torsky
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