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Petersburg bar Do Immigration did not show football during the World Cup 2018, to keep the calm of visitors

The management of the institution decided not to even try to make money on the fans.

Фото из фейсбука Do Immigration

St. Petersburg bar Do Immigration decided to keep the institution a calm atmosphere for the time of the World Cup and did not show football. On the days of matches involving Russia at the entrance, they even put a separate guard who checked the visitors by face control. Art director of the bar Emil Spiegel spoke about the reasons for this decision to the publication “Paper” and confirmed the information of .

We never show sport, politics did not change here, but for the time of the championship – on the days when Russia is playing, and on weekends – put a person who works as a security guard and on face control at the entrance. This became an additional expense item.

Emil Spiegel
art director of the bar Do Immigration

Spiegel explained that in fact the management of the institution is not against the fans, and they sometimes go to the bar. But Do Immigration has a rule: a visitor should not be “very drunk or agitated”.

In conversation with , the art director explained that the main reason for the decision not to show football even during the World Cup was exactly the concern for the calm of the visitors.

We have a pretty quiet place, do not want anyone to scare the audience. But as a rule, fans do not really want to drink wine – they have other interests. Even if they come, when they find out that we have only wine, and beer costs from 300 rubles, they turn around and leave.

Emil Spiegel

According to Spiegel, due to the World Championships, foreigners have come to the bar more often. However, he noted that “adequate citizens for this time were knocked out of the city”, so the institution lost a number of ordinary guests.

We have repeatedly written that we will protect guests from traffic and everything related to the World Cup, and that’s why many people are probably coming to us now. But it is difficult to calculate and assess: the visitors do not directly tell us about it.

Emil Spiegel

Art director noted that the World Cup can be tolerated, even despite the “accompanying negativity” in the form of transport problems, a strong general intoxication, as well as cries and “excessive patriotism” of residents sleeping areas who came to the center to watch football. However, according to Spiegel, in the bar Do Immigration all mostly refer to football indifferently, so “nothing positive in the Championship for the bar there.”

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