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July 1, 2018. More than a holiday of football

The face of the day that will remain in the memory of the whole country.

Although the bookmakers are predicting a great chance of Croatia’s victory in the Saturday match against the Russian team, no one knows for sure how it will end. It can happen incredible, and Russia will be released for the first time in history will reach the semi-finals of the World Cup.

But the historical event has already happened. Passage of the Russian national team in the quarterfinals caused an unprecedented rise among all the masses – not only fans and football fans. What was happening on the streets of Moscow and other major cities on July 1 can only be compared to the effect of the victory over the Dutch national team at Euro 2008: even the main national holiday, the New Year, did not cause such unity and atmosphere.

There was also chanting “Russia! Russia! “In the metro, and dancing on bibikatory cars, and hugs, and drunks everywhere, and swimming in city ponds, and foreigners with Russian flags, and broken glass of beer bottles. It was a time when everything was and it is possible and necessary.

No matter how the match with Croatia ended, Russia will remember that Sunday 1 July – and we will save these photos. Who knows when it will be next time.

Photos of Elena Mkrtchyan .

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