It turned out that macOS Mojave is designed exclusively for displays Retina

During the WWDC 2018 developer conference, Apple proudly announced the new MacOS Mojave operating system.

The OS finally got a dark color theme, full support for eGPU, and the programmers confidently stated that they had significantly worked on the performance and optimization of the system.

As it turned out during other presentations within WWDС 2018, in the new OS Apple turned off subpixel smoothing, it’s also anti-aliasing. This algorithm is particularly noticeable when displaying fonts. The developers of Apple assured that they did this for “enhancing the clarity.” In fact, everything goes a little differently.

Abandoning anti-aliasing, Apple, in fact, finished off the MacBook Air and a generation of laptops that do not have Retina displays. Looks there operating system will be wretched, not to mention the Hackintosh version for third-party notebook manufacturers.

This decision by Apple is extremely strange. In pursuit of productivity, the company seems to have forgotten that historically, with respect to the smoothing algorithm, Apple chose the strategy “let it be better blurry, but without damaging the style of the outline.” Now the company decided that “everything should be clear.” And, alas, only on Retina-screens. Twitter]

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