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How do kidney stones look like?

Oh, I do not like all these medical details, especially in the photo. But on the Internet this picture was often called a fake. Actually, I’m here about what case.

55-year-old Chinese Chi Dong turned to the hospital in Jinhua City with unbearable back pain. Previously, a man had similar symptoms. He was diagnosed with kidney stones, but the man decided not to do anything and leave it as it is.

That’s what happened next …

This led to the fact that doctors had to urgently perform an operation to save his life. The patient was removed 420 kidney stones. The fault of all was the man’s love for such a product as tofu.

“I’ve never seen so many kidney stones. The emergency operation lasted about two hours. 45 minutes of them took the process of removing stones, “says attending physician Wei Yubin.

Kidney stones are different in appearance. Everything depends on the reason for their formation. The kidney stones that this man had were called phosphate stones. They are formed because of an overabundance of calcium salts in the body. Also, the patient drank very little water, which could remove all the excess from the body.

The man admitted to doctors that he loves tofu cottage cheese, which is rich in calcium sulphate.

In our Belgorod region, too, there is a figurative situation with this case. There is a lot of lime in the water (chalk all around). Many know about facing kidney stones.

The reasons for the formation of kidney stones are not fully understood. We only know that due to various circumstances urine is oversaturated with mineral salts. Their molecules, being closer to each other than usual, can begin to “stick together” from each other. This process can provoke some kind of particle like a bacterium or an obsolete cell, and sometimes even a small clot of blood that has slipped somehow into the urine.

A similar microparticle begins to unite not to the extent of the numerous molecules of the salt with which the problem occurs. So the stones begin to grow.

Many causes contribute to stone formation – malnutrition, acid-base balance disorders, infectious kidney or urinary tract infections, intracine filtration disorders, difficulties already with urine outflow from the kidneys and much more, and each of these reasons contains many options.

The same malnutrition can be associated with either insufficient intake of vitamins or an insufficient amount of liquid being drunk, and vice versa, with an overabundance of something in the diet, for example banal meat. Similarly, with the other just named “culprits” of stone formation, which in fact are vast and complex sets of causes, each of which causes similar processes – this or that mineral salt begins to concentrate, crystallize and create stones in different places.


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