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“Feed the cat, I’ll be back in two weeks”: 10 posters of World Cup 2018

Funny, sad, self-critical and inspiring.

“John, feed the cat. I’ll be home in two weeks. Love you”. Photos of

Posters and banners with text are one of the main ways of communication during major competitions. With their help, fans, and sometimes the athletes themselves, communicate with each other, make statements – and fall under the sights of numerous cameras.

TJ selected several examples from the World Cup.

“Mom, I’m fine.” Photo by @ abogado27. The author of the poster @momimfine travels with him around the world and is photographed in the most unexpected places
“Two German idiots who thought they could look at the world champions today.” Photo The picture was taken before the match Sweden-Switzerland (Germany before it lost to the Swedes)
“Mignol, can I get your T-shirt?”. Photo taken at the match, posted in his Twitter @SMignolet goalkeeper of the national team of Belgium on football Simon Minole. He asked subscribers to help find the hero of the picture– and eventually even met him personally
“Cavani? Suarez? We have Dzyuba! “. Photos of
“Incredible Dzuba will help you win.” Icelandic fans made a poster dedicated to the forward of the Russian team – he is depicted wearing a helmet with horns
“Mom, I’m here.” Photo by Reuters. Fan of Poland vs. Colombia
“Maybe we do not have Iniesta or Ronaldo, but we have a big heart for an even bigger dream.” Photo Getty. Fans of the Iranian national team, who supported the team in the match against Spain, explained why it was their team who had to win
Witty posters were used not only at the stadium.
Photo by @NewNarKotik
And sometimes banners were picked up by the players themselves.
“We play for you.” Photo by @TeamRussia. So the Russian team thanked the fans for their support during the match of the 1/8 finals of World Cup
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